Cracked 2012 Zipp 404 Rear? Or Delaminated brake surface?

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by tdudzik

Hey guys, so I've run into a little bit of trouble. I just noticed today that there might be an issue with my rear zipp 404 FC 2012. In one spot, the brake track is "lifted" up and there is a tiny but visible crack. It is in a T shape, with a vertical line going down from the top of the rim and then spreads out horizontally right where the brake track and dimpled surfaces connect. Is this something I should be concerned with? You can feel it with your finger if you go over it.

I raced in a total downpour this past weekend, so there was some water in the rim. I noticed that some water ever so slightly leaks out of that cracked line... :(

Unfortunately, I'm not the original owner of these wheels, but I read that zipp rarely ever replaces anything. I for sure didn't crash, and I've only raced on them twice since I bought them used. I don't recall them being like this when I received them. Maybe I can just get a rim and lace it up with the same hub and spokes to save on cost? I'm afraid that it might actually be broken...

I tried to take some pictures of it, but it was really hard to capture. Here are a bunch of pictures from different angles so maybe someone can help me out. I don't really want to take the tire off to check if it goes all the way around since I just glued the tire on a little while ago. They're tubulars.

EDIT: I removed the pics because they were too big. Ill upload smaller ones tomorrow


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by Thirstyman

doesn't matter it's done. it does look like the result of a pot hole on a weak or repaired (could be factory) rim. the tubular tire shows evidence of contacting a sharp surface such as the lip of a pot hole as seen slightly to the left of the rim damage. edit: as was shown in the removed pictures

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by Berk

it looks like it is cracked and was used a bit after it cracked, because from the photo it can be seen that the carbon weave is a bit "sanded off" - from braking. Remove the tubular tire and it may be that it's cracked also on the area under the tubular, although it may not look like this, but just to make sure what the damage really is. Before you decide to repair it try to contact Zipp / the dealer. I already repaired a few wheels with similar damage, also Zipp (already even 2013 model..), in most cases the wheel was hit on bad roads etc.,...
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by latman

cracking is fibres breaking , delaminating is the resin failing that holds layers of fibres together , that picture is cracking

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by whodesigns

We have ultrasound scanned lots of these with similar visual damage, typically you have the crack continuing to the nipple access hole in the tyre bed AND a delamination radiating around 30mm or more each side of the crack.

Visually all you can usually see is the crack, you really need a scan to determine the extent of the delamination.

In some cases they are suitable for repair, in other cases a repair is not recommended based on the scan data.

Also front wheels are generally more sensitive to braking surface irregularities which needs to be considered if a repair is performed, so it really is a case by case assessment.

If in doubt seek professional advice and don't risk a failure that can cause a bad crash.
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by thisisatest

Sometimes impact damage takes some time to grow before you notice it.

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by Mr.Gib

Yeah that's impact damage. The rim even looks a bit indented/depressed above the crack. Yes you should worry about it. Don't ride it. Zipp is good about replacing stuff when they should. In your case I think you will be buying a new rim. Sorry.
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by tdudzik

Called Zipp. My local dealer will be sending it in. Zipp's gonna re-lace my hub and spokes on a new rim. Hopefully it'll only be a couple hundred...

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