what would you need to adopt Disc's on your Road Ride?

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by MichaelB

MarkMcM wrote: ...

Although there are several anecdotes here from riders who have used road disc brakes on long steep descents with success, that doesn't necessarily prove that they are ready for general use. Manufacturers have to consider the entire range of potential users before they release a product; even if many customers are only 150 lb, the bikes still have to be made to withstand the 250 lb. riders who may buy the same bike - including those 250 lb. riders who may drag their brakes all the way down the steep descents.

You are quite right. At the meoment the road disc offerings are MTB based but on a road bike, and over time, not only will the calipers and discs be optimised for road bikes, but also the pad compounds will be as well.

I'm in the process atm, of putting on some 4 piston calipers on my road bike, because i want to experiment a bit, and I like the idea of a slightly bigger pad area to give me that increased modulation and extra reserve capacity.

I'm a bigger rider (96kg), and hence why i run the 180mm front disc as well.

I think it will be interesting to see where the road discs systems develop, and would not be surprised to see vented discs come back as I think that for road use, that is a better option.

Time will tell. There is a lot of development to be done though

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by thisisatest

MarkMcM wrote:
thisisatest wrote:I meant power, so I typed power.
As far as people dragging their brakes all the way down a mountain, that is why thermal mass and ventilation/dissipation are the big issues, not power.

I don't think you understand the what power is, because the rate at which the thermal energy from braking is absorbed and/or dissipated is power.

One can have a POWERful brake with low thermal mass and no ventilation. It will decelerate quickly until its capacity is maxed out, then fade or boil or otherwise fail. it is still a POWERful brake, just not an adequate one for long descents. Hence,my description of increasing thermal capacity and dissipation, which, of course, you didn't touch on, because they're correct counter your argument.

are you serious or just a troll? You seem eerily familiar.

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