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by xnavalav8r

How many of you weenies have kids (pre-teen) who ride and race road and mountain bikes regularly? I know there are a few out there. Youth cycling is really in its infancy in the U.S. By the time I return home, my son will be 12 and he really wants to get into some serious racing. But the youth racing calendar is VERY limited. It doesn't help that I have no idea yet where we'll be living.

Any of you involved in youth racing?

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by russianbear

Most USAC races have a Jr. category split up by age. Your son will probably be competing against the same few kids in the area though, jr fields are never deep in my experience.

Move back to somewhere with a velodrome!

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by prendrefeu

In Southern California, we have this:
... which is part of this:
.... which might help guide you to what you are looking for.

This, however, only covers Mountain races.
Velodrome and Road are often hard to come by: there is no 'league' or organized effort for youth that I am aware of. We are, however, working on establishing these things starting with a few junior-only-highschool-specific focused organizations and, in intention, trying to spur new and similar groups that will eventually coalesce into a league.

For the time being, some larger clubs - such as Velo Club La Grange out here in So Cal, or Major Motion, for example - have strong junior programs available.

Best of luck.
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by Wookieopolis

We have a junior race series here in Northern California 12 rounds, roughly half crits and one TT. There are other races with junior categories that don't count towards this series as well.

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by LouisN

I follow my 11 yrs old twin's calendar every two weeks from mid may to the end of august.

In eastern Canada, here's the road calendar (in french, sorry Ted :lol: ): ... ef_nid=All"
The state series for kids under 16 is called Coupe du Québec Apogee.
For category under 12, the events are: skills course, circuit road race(roughly 11-15 km), and criterium (6 km).
Every race will combine the times from all three events. The leader in each category wears the leader's Jersey.
Here's an event technical guide (in french also, sorry...) ... 2013_2.pdf"

BTW, yesterday, just bought an old Scattante Scandium XS frame at 950 g plus Easton fork at 330g for one of them... :beerchug:
I'm scavenging my CX project to build this one...

About 1 1/2hr drive from my place we have the Bagotville base, where they "park" the CF-18 planes...maybe you can be transfered there... :noidea: Kidding !!! ... fault.aspx"

Most of the youth races are less than 90 minutes from the U.S. border, around 1hr drive from MOntréal or Ottawa...
Louis :)

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by xnavalav8r

I am astounded by the depth of youth racing here in the Netherlands. If the U.S. had even 1% of the organization that exists here, American cycling would be at the forefront of the sport.

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by joshvoulters

Youth cycling really seems to be coming on in the UK- around London at least, there are a few clubs with a huge number of kids riding. Whether on the velodrome at Herne Hill or track at Hog Hill, there are a lot of children learning to ride and race- it's great to see

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by xnavalav8r

Someone told me first prize for this race was a lifetime supply of cupcakes...


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by MattSoutherden


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