Light weight brakes that really work!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by fifarafa

I read of course :)

by Weenie

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by eliflap-scalpel

i have hydraulic Formula RR1 ...impressive !!!

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by cerro

pawnii wrote:I hope the next generation EE brakes are made from carbon.


Planet-X I think are worthless, crappiest brakes to set up. Used Negative Gravity GSL before that wasn't the easiest to set up but a dream compared to Planet-X. Will do my first ride on Engage Gavial tomorrow and am really curious as their spring is really stiff.

EE looks bad but after all reviews and people talking about them it is maybe the brake I want to try the most ;) But if I had the money I would buy a pair of THM Fibula without any thoughts. Good, light and looks are awesome, the perfect brake if you can afford it I think and care about style.
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by jooo

eliflap-scalpel wrote:i have hydraulic Formula RR1 ...impressive !!!

What is the weight?

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by spytech

Anyone tried the Kcnc CB3???

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by madcow

I don't have much time on the CB3, but have ridden the CB4 and was pretty impressed. I have however put the CB3 in our brake testing jig and was really surprised at how stiff and how much stopping power they have. We'll publish the results of a bunch of different brakes in the testing jig in a couple of weeks.

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by barsook77

The ee's are AWESOME. Plus easiest change of pads in seconds! Great modulation and adjustability. I'm substituting these for Campy SR group brakes every time. Lightweight, dependable, and strong.

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by Wcl4

+1 for Ciamillo. A bit hard to set up as cable length really affects the centering of the brakes. But I like them just as much as my SR brakes. My personal favorites for weight/performance but I'm only comparing them to SR, Red, and AX. Also I don't live in a mountainous area.

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