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by astranoc

prendrefeu wrote:The Colnago.

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

^ This.

by Weenie

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by ultyguy

I think that's a win win...

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by Thrillho

The zipps are just fine on the Colnago. Just peel those stickers off. Great combo. But which one do you prefer to ride?
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by Getter

I would just flip a coin.

Lol...oh darn...the Colnago again? :no1:

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by dolophonic

Super cool ! i like the Colnago but both are smoking!

Thanks for sharing.

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by twigstim

New and old school, very nice.

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by PSM

Wonderful bikes!

You MUST tell the difference in how they ride.

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by ronderman

Alright, one can not post such a teaser pic and then just walk away. That is just mean!!!!

I am sure that specialized rides real nice, but damn if it aint UGLY. I'm sorry, but it is - it's a damn chopper with silly tube shapes.

With that said, I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

You must discuss the ride difference in frames.

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by PSM

Hyena? :P

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by Bianchi10

I am not a colnago fan, but i love yours! that is a sexy couple of bikes you got there!!

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by carbonLORD

That was mean, I know, I'm sorry...

Truth be told, I was in Amsterdam for the last 3 months since moving there from Chicago and took the C59 first. With no seat time on the Venge as it was winter and I was injured before I left, I came back to the states, road it for a few hours and then did two crit races on it yesterday. (Finished mid field but my training and I had a cold.... eh, my training has been poor this season), I'll bounce back.

The review is simple:

VENGE = Stiff, Porsche GT3 Track car gutted with roll cage.
C59 = Audi R10.

The Venge corners wonderfully but is twitchy.
The C59 is the perfect balance of stiffness and comfort but has a longer wheelbase so it is not as agile.

The components play an important role as well.

Enve's are stiffer but do not brake as well as the Zipps.

S-Works Toupé saddle is a race day saddle while the Selle Italia SLR better suits me for centuries.

Campagnolo SR mechanical is great on the Colnago while I have no regrets specing Ultegra Di2 on the S-WORKS.

If I had to pick one, the choice is clear, the C59 hands down, but I have to say I find the Venge oh so pretty to look at.

I'm keeping both for a while. There are tons of projects I would like to do (BMC Impec, S-Works Epic) but I'll probably sell the Venge in a few years for whatever new toy is out there.

I need something to put these on anyway...



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by Monkeyboy3333

go hard or go home. It must be a hard choice putting on your kit thinking which shall I ride today, my heart bleeds. Well jel mate....well jel.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Wow. What prend said...
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by carbonLORD

I'm debating removing the white graphics on my MTBK C59 to expose the black underneath. I'd change out the Zipp wheel decals as well.

It would be like having a MTBK frame with NERO lettering and would be the only one like it, (that Ive seen).

Am I crazy, should I just leave it be?

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by gravity

Id say just leave it be, but since this is WW and people here worships experiments and home modifications, then do it!

by Weenie

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