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by NYCPrynne

I recently purchased an R5ca, and rode it for only 25 miles. During a downshift, unfortunately, I found that the front derailleur tab rivets had popped, and that the entire assembly had come loose. I had the frame sent back to Cervelo, who are repairing it.

Questions for people in the forum:
a) Have any of you had any issues with your R5ca's?
b) Have any of you had Cervelo frames (any model) fixed by Cervelo themselves?
c) If "yes" to query "b," was the worksmanship good?

.....sorry to say that I don't have pictures of the FD mount. I was so shocked that such an expensive frame had a malfunction that I was not thinking clearly. Fortunately, it appears that the malfunction was in the rivets so that Cervelo can fix it under warranty.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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by em3

Cervelo used to send a replacement rivet repair kit to you LBS for this repair but apparently they are now doing the repair themselves (probably smarter as it is difficult to find a real mechanic at LBS these days). Cervelo has a stellar reputation for warranty replacement and repair so I would rest easy that you are being taken care of....and if they can't fix it I am sure they will replace with an RCa.


PS:All frames have the potential for failure, regardless of how expensive they are, and rivets popping out is not uncommon.

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by progetto

If they have a repair kit for a problem, sounds like poor design.

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by thisisatest

That's the first CA I've heard with a front der mount failure. I have seen it some on the 2010 and older r3 line. I also thought it was odd that the VWD version has an integral carbon mount.

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