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by deermatt

I've done some searching, but theres a few things I still don't know. I have full SRAM red right now, and I don't want a sram vs campy debate, but campy stuff is pure pornography and I want it, I just dont know what Im looking for..

First, super record, record, and even chorus shifters look kind of the same to me..If you stripped the logos off each, what difference will you notice ?

Next, looking on the second hand market, it seems like everyone is just selling "11" stuff. Do I really want that over 10 speed like my SRAM equipment I'm using now?

Front derailleur :
super record - 72g
record - 74g
Is the only difference here one Ti vs one alloy bolt ?

Rear derailleur:
SR : 155g, Ti bolts, lots of carbon, ceramic bearings
Record: 172g, less carbon , more alloy I assume?

I think I'd get the SR here just cause its sexier

I think that covers all my questions that I couldn't find on my own.

thank you

Question 1 can be found here


and question two has been beaten to death on here

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by system787

The best part about going 11 speed for me was being able to keep my 12-23 cassette, but also throw on a 25 on there..

But I'm back on sram for racing anyway. I just love the sram levers too much.

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