CAAD10 paint weight?

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by WalksOn2Wheels

Hey all, new to the forum and planning on purchasing a CAAD10 4 in the near future.

However, I'm really torn on the color schemes. I love the blue/orange gulf colors, but there was a great thread here where a guy built the raw finish in a frame my size (58) and he mentioned the lack of paint helping with the weight. Anyhow, I don't have much of a budget beyond the purchase itself, so if we're looking at something like 100 grams difference between the two, I think I'd go with raw.

So how much are we REALLY looking at?

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by lalahsghost

In reference, a 6"x6" portion of material with all layers of paint required (for cars) by my grandfathers' body shop weighs 5g cured. Primer, Paint, Clearcoat. That was the standard he used for all of his WW race car customers for different products. YMMV due to different types of paints, etc.

Have fun calculating for your CAAD :P

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by Gearhead65

I did the anodized CAAD10. My research on the subject seemed to show a 100-150g weight for paint. White weighs more than black.
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by WalksOn2Wheels

Gearhead65 wrote:I did the anodized CAAD10. My research on the subject seemed to show a 100-150g weight for paint. White weighs more than black.

I actually just ran across your CAAD posted on the road bike review forums. Nice ride! So I hear you on the weight savings of anodized vs. painted, but the raw caad10 4 is surely at least clear coated with some black on the stays as well. Do you think it's still as significant as 100 grams? The blue is a very light color, I could see a heavy base being needed. But I still have to wonder if it isn't more like 30-50 grams or something difference.

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by SWijland

Without clear coat my Scott CR1 frame lost some 50 grams with Carbolift. That is without the final sanding. A frame with color like yours will definitely loose 100 grams or more.

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by WalksOn2Wheels

Hmmm, I guess I was hoping someone had actually weighed their painted caad10 for reference, but I guess not. I think I'm going to go with the raw finish. Not sure I can live with the gulf colors forever, but I think those are going to be pretty rare in general! My shop dosen't even stock them for fear of never moving them, but a few employees have bought them.

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by LegalizeMyCannondale

If you are going for alu, then anodized aluminum is the WW choice.

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by Zigmeister

Depending on how it is applied, 50-100 grams.

There is also lightweight paint.

The Evo goes from 695 to 727gms with the Team paint job on the frame.

Regular paint job takes the frame from 695 to 750gms about.

So it varies.

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by MixMastaPJ

Until about a month ago, I was riding a CAAD10 105 with Ksyriums as the only upgrade, with a 58cm BBQ frame, it came in at 17.8 lbs.

I finished building my new CAAD10 on a 56cm Liquigas replica frame. Kept the same bars. Changed the stem to an EC-90, Seatpost went from C3 to Thomson Masterpiece, Crankset to SiSL, Mavic Skewers to 43g Titanium, and drivetrain to full ultegra. Kept the wheels the same at the moment.

The new weight was 17.1 lbs. So something happened here, because:

FSAGossamer -> SiSL
C3 stem -> EC90
C3 Seatpost -> Thomson Masterpiece
Mavic -> Titanium Skewers
105 -> Ultegra

Should have lost more than .7 lbs right?!? So How much of a weight difference is there between a BBQ 58 and a Liquigas 56? Should I look at buying a new scale? This seems off.

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by quattrings

I don't know the exact answer to your question but I recently sanded 90% of a white cannondale slice fork and the weight loss was huge. If I remember correctly it went from 412 to 380g. I can't say if this holds true for their aluminium paint jobs but on the carbon forks the paint was really thick.

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by Quantinator

well the parts may not be significantly lighter, put the upgrades on a scale

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by deek

I would guess <100g in paint for a frame of the same size, but you also went down a size so that should get some of your weight back. I've seen people saying that white paint will add 100g-150g on a carbon frame but I'd imagine that you'd need less white paint on an aluminum frame since you're not starting off with a black frame.

For reference, my 54cm black ano CAAD10 weighed 1147g with only the RD hanger and cable guide. Maybe someone else has weighed a 54cm Liquigas frame.

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