Cleaning Yellow Mavic Shoes?

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by tdudzik

I'm sure there's several guys who have gone through this, considering the nature of the yellow zxelliums...

I used them once in the rain, and now the mesh part is a dark and ugly brownish yellow. Any ideas on how to make them nice and sparkly clean?

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by theremery

1. Booties for a really nasty day (prevention being better than cure etc).
2. napisan. Soak for atleast 3 hours.....let dry in direct sunlight (seems to help the napisan work).
NB buy your napisan-like product by the cheapest percarbonate to dollars ratio. More percarbonate is better ( the label). The one I use here is PAMS brand....a couple of bucks for a bigish tub of it......will last many years :) on white kit that is starting to go grey (gray) too.
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by euan

Meh, I just bung mine in the washing machine. 30 degree wash with no spin dry. Each shoe goes into a tied pillow case.
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