Laid up after a collision with PU truck

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by skiezo

I was out on a ride last weekend just starting to get my legs back after the winter. I was going down the road feeling fine when all of the sudden a PU truck makes a right turn as I was coming to an intersection. I hit the truck at 20+ mph and flew over the bars with my feet still clipped in. My front wheel got lodged into the fender well and up I went.
My head hit the front pillar of the truck as well as my shoulder.
Ended up it the hospital for two days with a broken clavicle,2 cracked vertebrae in my neck as well as bruised ribs and kidney.
Needless to say I am sore as hell as well as a bit banged up. The collision tore the HT from the TT on my TI Dean.
There was a police officer who watched the whole thing so help was there right away. They flew me to a local trama unit.
Can't say I remember much after my head hit.
5 days after the incident and I still can not believe what happened.
I guess the guy is being charged with a number of things as well as driving after drinking.
I will be meeting with my lawyer with in the next week or so as I can not work for the next 6 weeks or so as well.
I am just glad that I escaped more serious injury. This was my first collision in 30+ years of riding. It sure scared the hell out of me.
So I am off the bike for 6 weeks or so as well as being all banged up. I just hope that I heal with no limitations.


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by cmdr199212

That truly stinks! Heal up quick, definitely keep us posted!

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by renoracing

Sorry to hear that... I took a pretty good spill two weeks ago when I rolled the bead off my front tire at 33mph.. Amazingly, I Ended up walking away with only some road rash and a banged up knee. Bike held up okay aside from some necessary wheel truing and handle bar/brifter straightening. Even just being "forced" to take the following week off was tough for me as I was heading to my first peak of the season for an upcoming race. I'm back at it now and feeling close to 100%...
Keep your head up and hang in there. It could always be worse!!

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by btompkins0112

Here's to you mending quickly! Sounds like you'll have some time to plan a new build :wink:

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by bura

Sorry to hear your accident. I wish you a very quick healing to be on your bike again.
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by Juanmoretime

Plenty of time to plan out your new ride. Heal well my friend.

I've been hit twice but fortunately the last time was 37 years ago. Yes, I am that old.

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by kac

Most unfortunate that happened to you and most fortunate that you survived relatively intact. Better still, you have a credible witness and therefore some chance of legal retribution.

Having had many near-miss experiences over many years riding (and one side-swipe by a car resulting in a crash), I'm trying to be extra-cautious these days. While I have no idea whether or not daytime lights actually help, I have the impression that they do. I recently bought some very unobtrusive but bright (70 L) Lezyne "micro" lights and cars seem to be giving me a bit more room. Once miniaturized and weaponized drones become cheap, I'll buy a set of those to cover my flanks a bit better.

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by kode54

that sucks. spring riding is awful since drivers are not used to bikers being out on the roads as much. glad you escaped catastrophic injury and hope you recover quickly...although broken bones are pretty bad. at 20+, your accident happened in an instant. drivers tend to misjudge speeds on bike, and on top of it...while intoxicated makes it worse.
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by spandexboy817

I had an almost identical accident happen last year when a guy in his very large pickup took a left from oncomming traffic right in front of me. I was smart/lucky enough to turn right and slam into him hard with my left shoulder. Separated it, but it kept me from taking the impact with my face through his passenger window or truck bed... Heal up and get a good lawyer!

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by joshvoulters

Ah bad luck- heal up soon

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by skiezo

It has been 4 weeks since my collision. I am healing up nicely, actually quicker than I expected. At my age not much happens quickly tho.
Shoulder is healing up with full mobility so far. My neck is doing OK, still a bit sore on extension tho.
I have been in contact with Spec. and they sent me a new helment as a crash replacement.
Dean offered to build a new bike at a nice discount, but I have two in the stable so I will pass on the offer.
Got my new shoes today as my old lakes were cut off.
I have been on my rollers with a fork stand just to they to keep my legs in the game.
I will be trying to get on the road later in the week for a easy ride.
I am thinking in 2 weeks I will be back in the saddle as long as the DR. says it is ok.


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by eric

Glad to hear you're healing well. Did you get anything from the driver's insurance?

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by skiezo

Medical bills are paid as well as compensation for lost wages. We are still going back and forth on the value of the bike and components. The bars,post and saddle were brand new as well as the wheelset and tires. The groupset was a record 10 speed from 2007 or so.
I provided copies of the the receipts for the items I bought over the winter for that bike. So we are still going back and forth as to the value of everything. They just can not believe how a wheel set can cost $850 plus $45 per tire.
I am sure we will get it all worked out and I will get a fair market value. We will see tho.


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by TrekUk

I wish you a speedy recovery.
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by Powerful Pete

Good to hear you are feeling better.

Keep on them with the insurance. Let us know how it goes.
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