Is it possible to put the EPS battery in a seatpost?

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by madcow

Nobody has spent much time trying to do an internal battery because the Campag version is so close. The route they went however, and the decisions they made on it, definitely qualify as "interesting"

Some of the complaints about EPS have been how it can sometimes be difficult to cleanly install on frames not specifically designed for it. So while I'm not liberty to give any of the details about it I will say that complaint isn't going totally away with 2014, but is definitely better.

by Weenie

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by rhyslewisdavies

primera sports in the UK have built up a dogma with EPS record for the technical director of McLaren F1 - I couldn't see the battery in the photo so I asked if it was under the BB or if it was in the seat tube. they said it was in the seat tube - has anyone else seen evidence of this?

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by lobular

Does anyone 'in the loop' know if the new battery will be compatible with current EPS offerings? i.e just plug and play with current group. I am close to pulling the trigger (Record EPS) but the external battery is a deal breaker.....I could put up with it for a while knowing the new battery would just swap with the old.

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by corky

I don't know but it would be folly to produce a new battery that was not compatible, the market for the new battery amongst exisiting EPS owners would make it financially attractive i'm sure...... I am considering a new frame with no battery mount in anticipation of the new configuration....

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by Madone69

Our Pinarrello agent informed me that Campy is launching their seat post battery soon. It slides down the down tube and gets held in place by your bottle cage bolts. No compatibilty issues. Not sure how the charging is going to take place though.

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by g_doraz

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by Stuartclark1977

From the article:
"The Oltre XR2 has an internal battery for Campagnolo EPS electronic shifting. DeRosa have already produced a bike with the EPS battery hidden inside the frame, but this is totally new design - Campagnolo's answer to Shimano's internal battery option. It's a long cylindrical design that fits into the bottom of the seat tube just above the bottom bracket. A cable comes around the bottom bracket - inside the BB shell - and you get a port in the frame where you can recharge. You can remove the battery from the frame if you really need to, but it's designed to stay in there. Oh, and It's 60-80g lighter than an external battery.

Neat, huh? It certainly makes a whole lot of sense; there's plenty of empty space inside a bike frame doing very little. You might as well make it earn its keep."
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