Shift cable stuck in a bad place

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by justinn

Used a red hot screw driver to melt away any adhesive in front of the cable - in turn probably shrunk the carbon a little bit and the cable just popped out

I hope none of you even have to deal with something like this, but thanks for your help!

by Weenie

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by pawnii

well done mate :thumbup:
these things happen.
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by justinn

One more question.. The bottom bracket that comes on the foil is a press fit Shimano BB91. I have a SRAM GXP crank and it looks like I need a spacer. Is that the case? I thought the two were compatible?

Edit: Nevermind, I guess they aren't. Which SRAM Pressfit bottom bracket would I need?

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by Cosmo

SRAM/Truvativ Press Fit GXP. Basically a set of GXP bearings in Delrin cups to press into a frame. If you have a road frame it's likely an 86mm shell width, not 91. Only difference there is the length of the internal seal sleeve, if you end up with a 91 (mtb) then just cut to fit.
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by sungod

justinn wrote:

that is what I used, I'm not sure what it is

Dremeling is much harder than I thought it would be, probably making it worse. I'm going to call a local carbon repair shop on Monday

according to the msds the solvent in that glue is toluene, so white spirit or petrol will probably work ok too

if it's a cf frame i'd be wary of using a soldering iron/other heat source in case it affects the epoxy resin or damages the cable guides

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