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by Outback

Hey guys (and gals). I am new to this site. It was recommended by some riding friends who said they've got great info. from it. I am mainly here because I'm building a new bike (De Rosa King with record '06 + eurus) and am looking for advice on seatpost, bar and stem. I am considering Cinelli RAM Reggisella post but can't find a discount supplier in USA or Europe who ships to Australia! Any suggestions anyone? I'd really appreciate it. Also thinking handlebars. Was considering Cinelli RAM but lack of flexibility in changing setup later on. What do y'all think of Cinelli Neo Carbo? Once again . . . does anyone know of a discount supplier who ships to Australia? Weight isn't a real issue for me as I'm 90kg and not likely to get under about 87. Some of your bike weights are impressive! I've sweated out more than most of your bikes weigh during a good day's riding! Let me know if there are any etiquette issues I need to be aware of in your forum . . . I don't want to annoy anyone! Cheers :roll:

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by RTW

:welcome: Outback. Good to see the word is spreading. :D

There are a number of Australian riders on this site, who I am sure will help you out with sourcing stem and bars.

Tell us something about yourself? Oh, and check out the thread linked to below!


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