Scott R4 with Ksyrium Equipe clinchers wheels. 6.243 Grams

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by NapD

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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by mallorcajeff

Muy Bien Trabajo amigo!

Great work. Im over the water in Mallorca with a scott addict too. Great bikes.


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by Velofreak

superb build. very catalan, very handcrafted. congrats!! forza al canut!!! y bon nadal!!

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by Quinn039

Looking through these posts you've made some very impressive bits and pieces.... I'm curious to see this wheel project you've hinted at. Great work, awesome ride.

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by dolophonic

Yes.. very good work. :up:

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by monchito

Hi everybody¡¡

Some months ago i said that i gonna publicate the way i do some pieces. Well, sorry for the delay, but here are the first steps of the simplest one.
This is a part of a Dura-ace 7700 brake.

The first step is to cover the holes and to do a wall for simplify the process. The green stuff is simple kids plasticine.

one por monchito3000, en Flickr

After, you have to cover with some Gelcoat. I used Axson GC 1050/ GC-10 but anyone could serve. (Although first, you have to also cover the piece with some "desmoldant"/ release agent).

two por monchito3000, en Flickr

You have to wait around two hours, and then put the putty. I use a fiber glass one, from Axon too. It´s Epolam-400, but again, any putty could serve (even plaster).

three por monchito3000, en Flickr

And that's all for now. Next update will be sooner :soon: than this, ´cos i´m uploading this at more or less real time.
I´m also doing a carbon trumpet at same time, and it could serve as an exemple for the pressure way of working for hollow pieces, but i preffer to wait for a more "cyclistic" hollow piece.

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by Fuchspk

nice thread with great ideas :thumbup:

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by twigstim

wow lovely white ww. Looks so fresh and probably rides like a dream with those solid wheels.

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by timj

nice work! and I'd be very interested in seeing the process of how you make the trumpet also!
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by fordred

amazing skills u have there.
I wish i know half of what u do.

Great work!!!

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by Apileoftile

You are the man :thumbup:

I never even thought about that kind of stuff.
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by timj

can't wait for more!

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by bigpab

That's a job well done.
M'agradat molt nano:-)

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by monchito

Hi everybody and thanks a lot for your messages. Sorry for these months lapsus, but i´ve been surviving and had no time for crazy stuff, nor even time to ride my bike :(

Anyway, here comes some new photos and the compromise to show you all above projects finished before next year.

The first new thing is this carbón antischleck:

antischleck por monchito3000, en Flickr

Its nice, ultra-indestructible and light, but not light enough. I want it under 4 grams and now is 5,3.

Jajajaja, I just reread and I've realized how sick I am. But yes, this carbón antischleck is 1.5 grams too heavy.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Other little thing i did last days is this repair of bottle cage. It brokes and i took advantage to lower a bit the center of gravity :P

DSC03724 por monchito3000, en Flickr

Right, i can´t feel this 20 mm descent of the water weight (nor the 1,5 weight reduction in the future antischleck) but these kind of things freaks me out anyway :oops:

Here comes other bit of crazyness with some carbon Spoodpley plates. Here you can see the first steep:

DSC03386 por monchito3000, en Flickr

And tomorrow more pictures. This time you can bet on it :thumbup:
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