Titanium brake and derailleur cables

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by tantra

Has anyone tried the new Ti cables from KCNC? These are available from Fairwheel (http://fairwheelbikes.com/kcnc-titanium ... -5506.html). I wonder if they are too stretchy.

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by jpanspac

I've bought a set but haven't put them on yet. I'll try to remember to post my impressions when I do.
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by mythical

I would expect them to stretch initially after setup, like steel cables, but no more issues after the initial break-in period. There's no reason not to buy them, especially given the weight advantage over steel cables.
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by UpFromOne

+1 to what mythical said.
I have the KCNC cables, and they are one of the better products in the sea of gimmicks that Cycling has become.
Ti is a perfect material for cables.

Of course, everything can be improved, and it'd be great if they could have an even better slickcoat.

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by rowdysluggins

Doesn't ti fatigue more easily than stainless? If it does, then I wouldn't want to use it for my shift cables. I already have to replace my rear shift cable every 3000 to 4000 miles, and I know I couldn't afford new ti cables at that rate.

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by jmartpr

I have been using them for the brakes with Fibula brakes and so far it has been good....not to fond on the gold finish but it only shows a bit They weight half what a regular SS cable weight.

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by NiFTY

I have been using them for shifting and brake with aican bungarus and they work fine, pricey though.
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