Recommend a carbon frame under £2300

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by Alex_ucsb

I'd give Formigli a go - they do a number of fine bikes in all materials, starting well below that price point.

by Weenie

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by ichobi

That budget can get almost any top-end carbon frame no? As suggested, Canyon is a sweat deal, and Ridley is not bad at all. Both amazing value if you opt for a carbon bike. Having said that I agree with others that Alu frame is a better bet for peace of mind.

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by JensW

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by Alreadyhadone

Cervelo s3 £1465 but without shipping costs from Netherlands.

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by liam7020

Thanks for all the great replies lads. When I started this thread the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX was the frame I had in mind but I just wanted to throw the question out to the wider WW audience in case there was something I’d missed. After reading a few posts the Canyon seemed to be the bookies choice especially with the racing discount. On the Canyon website delivery was stated as being week 21 (late May) but I gave Canyon a ring just to double check and was told that the info on the website was bang up-to-date.

So, thinking all was well with the world, I ordered my frame on 29/4 and sure enough the invoice arrived in my inbox the following day (30/4) complete with racing discount. BUT one very major problem – the delivery date had suddenly shot out to week 32, the start of bloody August!! I re-checked the Canyon website and yip it was still showing week 21. Phoned Canyon UK on 1/5 and spoke to a German guy called Max who confirmed that the delivery date was indeed early August. However, when I told him that, prior to ordering, I had spoken to one of his colleagues who had confirmed delivery as week 21, Max quickly back-tracked and confirmed my delivery as May and not August. Strange one that… I requested an amended invoice which duly arrived this time stating delivery as week 20 – even earlier than their previous best! Can’t you feel the BUT coming on….. BUT when I re-checked the website delivery had now been hastily changed to – you’ve guessed it – week 32. Had a little think about it and figured Max was feeding me sizeable dollops of BS with a big spoon. Just reckoned that Canyon would string me along and each time the delivery date would approach I’d receive an email advising me my order had been delayed until eventually it would wear round to August or even later and the season would be all but over.

Read a few things on the net about Canyon’s, at times, shite customer service and wasn’t prepared to take the risk. Pity really cos I still think the Ultimate CF SLX is a cracking frameset.

ANYHOW (he says with exasperation!) I’ve now moved on to this little baby which appears to tick all the boxes and is well below the £2300 threshold;navigation=1;product=44249;page=1;menu=1000,4,34;mid=203

Been told delivery should be next week but we'll see. I'll keep you all posted. Ta
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by Beancouter

Alreadyhadone - can you let me know where you have seen an s3 in the Netherlands please?

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