Farsports weights waaaay off!?

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by Bambinorider

I bought their 50mm clincher which I was told weighed 1340g +-30g with additional weight savings when upgrading to ceramic hubs. Which I then did.
The set came in today at 1444g

"Worst" case scenario: 1370g gives a +5.4% in weight compared to the "Best" case scenario the weight difference is +10.2%!

I suspect farsport sellers for just throwing out low numbers because they then sell more. And they know people may get mad about this, but still a sale is a sale in their books.

Am I the only one who have received wheels from Farsports that weighed a lot more than claimed?

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by Privateer

Firstly, it would be better if this thread was merged with one of the other Farsports threads, as there's a lot of useful info and discussion in them and it would be good to keep it all in one place (mods?).

As for weights, I received a pair last week. I was quoted 1350g +/-30g for the set. They came in at 1297g (577+720), excluding skewers.

I don't think that they're being deliberately deceptive, though your experience suggests that there is more variation in their production runs than I would like.

What did you buy? Are you sure the specs you were quoted were the same as you received?

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by Imaking20

White I agree with Privateer that I doubt they're being deliberately deceptive - I also purchased a set of 50mm "lightweight" clincher hoops and it was the same story. My build ended up ~100g heavier than expected.

From pictures I've seen - at least the new rims look a lot better.

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by Bambinorider

I got the new, improved brake track, wide rim version with sapim and ceramic. 20/24 clincher, matte finish.

thing is I also own a pair of 38mm and their last year version of the 50mm.. All sets where more than quoted, but this newest set was just what made me curious as to if its just me that 3 of 3 sets got wheels heavier than quoted or some actually get the right weight.

I have not checked if I actually got the ceramic bearings. Maybe I should do that. Any guide as to how to disassemble the hub and bearings?

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by mdeth1313

I just got 38mm rims that were quoted as 390 +/- 10 and they came in at 390 and 381.
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by blantonator

I was under the impression the new wider rims were a bit heavier.

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by wpccrunner

i also got a set of the 50mm cyclocross wheels (23mm wide) claimed weight was 1430g mine came in at 1360g. With the mass production and cheap prices, it should be assumed that very little goes into QC concerning actual weights of the wheels. They basically check to make sure the wheel is built pretty well and rolls then ship it out...

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by kulivontot

My 88mm Tubulars were within 5g of the claimed weight of 1460g.
Maybe you got the N series rims instead of the M series rims?
They differ by about 100g. Can you verify the part number?

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by szaffiri

sounds like maybe they got there tubular and clincher weights mixed up. 1340g for 50mm clinchers is pretty light, but pretty accurate for tubulars. Just my $.02

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by eric

Farsports makes some pretty light rims. The wheels I built up last year on Farsports 50mm clinchers and White H1 hubs came out to 1320g. The White hubs are heavier than the EdHubs that FarSports uses now. The rims were 410 and 406g. Which was under the claimed weight. The tubular wheels i got from them were under claimed weight as well.

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by carlislegeorge

mdeth1313 wrote:I just got 38mm rims that were quoted as 390 +/- 10 and they came in at 390 and 381.

my experience as well...both rims came in at 382 grams...
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by xjbaylor

Similar for me as well. 1250g quoted, 1250g on the nose actual weight.

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by roadytracky

I've ordered 3 wheelsets from Farsport, and all 3 were within a few grams of the claimed weight. I thought maybe you were weighing the wheels with the skewers, but a set of Farsports skewers weighs less than 50g. What did Farsports say when you contacted them?

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by maxxevv

Think its better to verify with them. The problem I see with Farsports and some of these chinese companies is that their web listings are not always up to date or even correct at times. I've come across a few cases where the clincher rims (on other websites ) listing the weight of 20.5mm clinchers as that of the newer, heavier 23/24mm wide ones. In extreme cases, even listing 50mm ones using weights of the 38mm variants.

I doubt it was a deliberate thing as they do seem to try to deliver good products to customers.

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by SteveFromNY

FWIW I bought a set of 38mm "cyclecross" clinchers and they came in exactly at their advertised weight, 1330 grams, even though Kyle emailed me after it was built saying it was 1340 grams.

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