Saddle suggestions, moving from Adamo road

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by wpccrunner

Ello all,

I was riding an Adamo Road until I crashed and totaled that saddle. Now looking to get something ALOT lighter. Currently riding a demo from my shop that feels good. It's a Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow 131m width (not the MAX version)

What other options are comparable to the Flite Gel Flow with a much less weight penalty. Looking favorable towards the SLR FLow but im not narrow minded. Ive ridden the Fizik Anatares and Antares VS and they did not work for me. Probably want something with a cut out, some padding and some flex.

Anyone who has ridden this and comparable models feel free to share.


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by deermatt

Id suggest going to your local specialized dealer to get your sit bones measured to find the actual width saddle you should really be on, and go from there. I know for me personally, I cant use a SLR .

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by MarkGiardini

I've run a Specialized Toupe Team for years with no problems, and even Romin with good result.
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by sideshow_bob

I know this is WW sacrilege but the one thing on the bike I don't look at weight ever on is my saddle. I'll take what's comfortable for me every day of the week. Just sayin'

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by metal

sideshow_bob wrote:I know this is WW sacrilege but the one thing on the bike I don't look at weight ever on is my saddle. I'll take what's comfortable for me every day of the week. Just sayin'

2 true. Although I still weight it :P

I've tried the adamo prologue, and I actually didn't like it for road riding. Just felt too wide when trying to get comfortable after sitting back down. Now use it on my stationary bike setup, and it's awesome for it :)

I'm on the selle smp dynamic on my road bike now, and I love it. If you like or have had a saddle with a dip in it, you will love the smp's.

If not i've heard good reviews for the toupe.


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by duodiscus

How aggressive is your position on the bike?

I've recently switched to the Specialized Romin Evo Pro and absolutely love it. At 172 grams (actual), it's somewhat respectable in weight, plus it's designed as a saddle to ride in an aggressive position for extended periods of time. The cutout and center channel relief are very effective. I don't ever get a sense that a part of the saddle is missing with the cutout. My pelvis is tilted quite a bit forward when riding on this saddle and it hits all the right spots to provide solid support. The 143 mm width version works for me, but I'd suggest you try the different available sizes.

Measuring sit bone (the ischial tuberosities) width is just to get a general idea where to start with saddle sizes. If you were riding a beach cruiser in a very upright position, it'd be spot on to predict what size saddle to go with. However, you more than likely don't sit on that part of your anatomy when you're in an aggressive or TT position, that's why you should try a few different sizes and see what works.

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by thisisatest

Adamo attack is much narrower. Want to lose weight? Dash saddles. Tough pill to swallow, their price tags. Adamo-like in theory but not in butt-ugliness are the Cobb Gen2 saddles and SMP's line, such as the Evolution. Although some might find that the SMP is just a different shade of ugly (i like em and ride em).

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by mann2

Arione 00 - 135 grams. Doesnt have a hole but virtually pioneered the flex.

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