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by NoodleDoodle

Hi there, newbie here.

So.....I'm awaiting the arrival of my shiny new Alchemy Xanthus (in tiny size so nice and WW), which I intend kitting out with DA 9000.

I'm looking for ideas on the finishing kit for this. I'm leaning towards a Thomson Masterpiece post as I've tried others and had problems, so keep coming back to Thomson.

WW thoughts on bars and stem and saddle (if there is a more WW version of the Terry butterfly carbon saddle 262mm x 155mm).

I've already ordered WW carbon bottle cages.

I'm 5'3" 135lbs.



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by pje0713

Congrats on the new bike, I've seen their work and the bikes look great. What color is the bike going to be? What is your budget generally (keep it cheap, looking for value, or willing to spend a lot)?

by Weenie

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by savechief

Given that your frame is from a U.S. company, I would do this...

Stem - Ritchey Superlogic Carbon C260

Handlebars - Ritchey WCS Carbon Curve

Seatpost - Ritchey Superlogic Carbon

Saddle - Can't help you there
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by pje0713

From what I've seen from Alchemy it makes more sense in terms of style, consistency, etc... to go Enve for post, bars and stem. Then you can do the same for wheels.

Bonus-Enve also makes xanthus tubing and fork.

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by kman

I'd go for ENVE or Ritchey.
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by shabbasuraj

Sometimes I want extra stupid bling and will go with a silver Thomson stem and a seat post that is the same colour and finish as my frame.
Mass Weenie

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by NoodleDoodle

Thanks for all the ideas. Will have to check them out.

Had seen the Williams finishing kit, that looks nice and WW, and significantly cheaper than a lot of other stuff. Not seeing much that confirms if weights are correct though!

I'm having a hard time working out the extras on this bike as I'm putting plenty in the frame seems rude not to finish it off right, but then the cost is getting up towards that of a small car! Thankfully bike riding is my only costly vice! :-)

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Why not Thomson post and bars; and a WW stem with graphics removed?

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by sigismond0

My main thought is that you really do have to focus on silver/black to tie in with that purdy DA9K you got going on. I think a Thomson Masterpiece seatpost will be great, probably in silver to stand out from the frame. Then do the THomson bars for the weight and to match the cockpit as much as possible.

Of course, you can go full ENVE across the board if you feel like having no money left. I highly advocate that since it's not my wallet.

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by btompkins0112

ENVE all around.....or you could go New Ultimate to save some $$

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by mellowJohnny

+1 for the ENVE kit...drop dead gorgeous

by Weenie

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