anyone ridden in taiwan?

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by gravity

davidalone wrote:
Any suggestions on gearing? I've climbed genting highlands (50km , 4% average ) on a 39-25 ( was rather painful though.) would a 39-28 be sufficient?

When did you climb Genting Highland? I'm a local there but was told that the road up to Genting is close. The whole land is owned privately by Genting Group so they can close the road whenever they want.

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by davidalone

my mistake. I meant cameron highlands. brain fart there.

But actually, it has been possible to ride up genting. I have a couple of friends who've done it. I'll have to ask them how though.

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by deek

I have climbed up and down the western side of Wu Ling. That climb is no joke. You'll be climbing for 3 hours. It is very scenic though, that's for sure. When are you going? Hopefully not in the summer, it will be stupid hot. November-March is usually the best time to ride in Taiwan.

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by ayrej2

not wanting to derail the thread on Genting, but I climbed it back in 2011. Quite a lot of people from my old club in Singapore head up there for the weekend.

They say you're not supposed to cycle the last bit, but no one stopped us. It's two lane for the final bit, so there was plenty of room, even with the tourist buses ferrying people to the casino.

We stayed up at the resort, cycled down and climbed Frasers Hill first, then back up to the Hotel in Genting (170km, 3,000m total) I climbed it 39-27 but would have loved a compact!

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by addictR1

too bad they dont' have this in english version. this is a tour of taiwan where you actually get the Giant pro car following you as you ride, in case if you can't make it up the hill. it's 9 days 8 nights with hotel and food included.

oh and they let you choose the bike to ride as well or you can bring your own.. ... 4a271c1af9" onclick=";return false;

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