Super Record D Skeleton Brakes

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by coolmingli

I bought a pair Campy brakes, and this is my first time use their brakes, the front Dual Pivot caliper has a hole on the right side if you look it from the front, the left side has a adjustment screw, is there suppose to be another adjustment screw on the right side as well?
Am I missing something on this caliper?



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by c50jim

I checked a couple of my bikes (SR and Chorus). The adjustment screw looks like it tightens the spring. Both the ones I looked at have nothing on the other side.

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by 5 8 5

As mentioned the LH is to adjust the spring tension.
The RH side is for centering the caliper.

It looks like the grub / set screw is there, just recessed. It's not the same as the RH side.
Have a look at the inside of the caliper. You should be able to see it's threads.

BTW they are both 2mm hex Allen key.

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by coolmingli

Is that what it is? The screw is recessed in the hole?
Yes, now I can see the screw is all the way in there, what does the spring tension screw do?

Thanks guys.

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by bikerjulio

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by Valbrona

And let me guess ... you've bought these brakes not realizing with Campagnolo that the QR system is built into the levers and not the calipers.

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