Need some advice for a CAAD10 build

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I thought its might be a good time to post a thread about my upcoming build and take some advice to shed some grams. Heres the story I was riding Cannondale Supersix 4, until I got hit by a car... so the frame is totaled. I decided to get CAAD10 and put several hundred dollars into the bank, possibly spend it towards gram shedding of new CAAD10. Im junior and races... so this build will be on a budget... Hoping to reach maybe 15lb

AS IT STANDS IT WEIGHTS A HAIR ABOVE 16lbs, want to get it down to 15lb range.

CAAD10 48cm
Levers: Sram rival
FD: Sram Rival
RD: Sram rival
Crankset:2011 Sram red crankset
Handlebar: Zipp service course slc 40cm
Wheelset #1:Mavic Askiums (training wheels)
Wheelset #2:Custom built wheels (nice/race day wheelset sub- 1500g)
Brakes: generic sram/trp
Cables/Housing: SRAM slickwire and professional (not changing)
Bottlecages: Profile design elite carbon
Saddle: Prologo scratch (thinking about trying specialized toupe or romin)
Fork Expander: stock
Handlebar wrap: probably a fizik or something
Stem: stock cannondale 100mm C2
Seatpost: KCNC SC 27.2

Any criticism and suggestions are welcomed!!
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by bikericer

I would stay away from the old red FD, apparently it flexes which causes poor shifting but I personally never experienced this.

For wheels I have a pair of Velocity Escape tubular rims, 14/15g spokes, brass nipples, and dt 240 hubs. Weigh roughly the same as my 303 FC clinchers.

105 brakes will work great, remember that these are important on the bike and you want to be able to stop when needed.

by Weenie

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Sounds good, but i will go with the generic ones, since they are lighter haha, but thinking about getting planet x cnc brakes, it will shed maybe 60g
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by Lucas1234

I am also a junior and built up my caad10. For a seatpost go with something with setback like and fsa slk sb20. You'll grow These are very expensive and are pretty light. For the stem don't go with anything very expensive, you are going to grow and will go through multiple stems to achieve optimal fit. Don't stress about the stem and seatpost, the weight is not rotating and you wan't stiffness. Put your money towards a light pair of wheels, better wheels makes a huge difference. I would recommend Boyd 38's plenty stiff for a junior and 1200g for a pair, also there $800 dollars for a set with yellow swisstop pads.

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I went with KCNC setback sc seat post , it comes in 171g UNCUT. My doctors said I won't grow anymore, except maybe an inch, that's it... I'm thinking about getting my wheel build to build me something light in 1300g range hopefully.
I'm curious do you have a thread for your caad10?

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