Shimano xtr m980 shifters- dura ace front-rear derailleur.

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by Erhar

I've been wondering and searching for a while and since i've not come to a conclusion, here is my question:
I've got a custom cannondale bad boy weighing 6.8 kgrs. As you can understand i am a weight weenie guy. My drivetrain has:
1. Clavicula mtb dp (2X10), 44/32.
2. Sram red xg 1090 10 speed cassette (26-11)
3. Dura ace 7900 front-rear derailleur.
4. Shimano sl r770 10 speed shifters.
Everything is working perfect except the fact that the sl r 770 shifters are very heavy (about 260 grams).
I know that the 10 speed xtr m 980 shifters weigh about 205 grams and i've heard from some people that they should work fine with my drinetrain. Is this true, are they compatible with my dura ace front and rear derailleur?
And if there is a problem with my rear derailleur what's the weight difference between da 7900 and xtr 980 gs rear derailleur in order to make it work?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

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by thisisatest

You can't use the XTR shifters with the dura ace rear derailleur. I don't know the weight difference between the two derailleurs, but it should be about 25g if you skip the "plus" variant.
the front shifter/derailleur will be fine. You lose the trim function.

by Weenie

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by Erhar

From what i've read the weight difference between dura ace 7900 and xtr 980 is less than 10 grams (173 grams xtr m980 gs and 166 grams-dura ace 7900.
Together with replacing sl r770 shifters with xtr 980 shifters there would be a weight loss of about 50- 60 grams. Of course one thing i could do is remove the shifter indicators from sl r770 shifters and lose without any cost about 30 grams. :lol:

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by maddog 2

I recently went from SLR-770 shifter+Dura Ace 7900 rear mech to XTR 980 shifter and XTR rear mech, on my flat bar and overall, in terms of weight there is very little in it, if anything at all. I don't have access to the weights at this moment as they are written down in the workshop. I did it to get a wider range of gears out back, not for weight.

And the 980 shifters definitely aren't as slick as either the SLR-770s or the 9sd XTR 970s, just so you know. I had mine apart and greased them up to improve matters but overall I was still a tad disappointed. The XTR 970s are just ace.

My advice is, unless you want a wider gear range or the two-way shift option, stick with the 770+7900.

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