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by nifrodne

VN is absolute crap !

by Weenie

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by -Robin-

Litespeed warranty in Belgium is no problem, as long as you can miss your bike for 6 months. At least, that's how long it took for my Litespeed to be shipped to the states, repaired and shipped back

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by kya

I was just recently shopping for a titanium bike myself. Ended up buying an Enigma Excel. The stock size 53 geometry was exactly what I wanted and the price was very competitive. Just received the frame 2 weeks ago and took it for a few rides since. I'm perfectly satisfied with my purchase, no buyers remorse here.

The only issue I have with the frame is the decals. They pretty much felt like they were going to fall off at some point when I first saw the frame, and well the top tube decals came off after today's ride. Minor complaint, but it doesn't bother me.

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by winky

nifrodne wrote:VN is absolute crap !

That's weird. I've actually only read good things about Van Nicholas frames. Did you have a bad experience with them?

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by nifrodne

They break a lot but the warranty is good.
Friend has its 4th frame on 2 years

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by dgran

jrobart wrote:Seven, Seven, Seven!

Ditto. If you would benefit from custom (and custom means a lot more than just frame geometry and fit) then Seven is hard to beat, provided that the price is acceptable.

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by maxxevv

If price is no object, and custom is a on the wishlist, take a look at Serotta, Firefly, Passoni.

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by xpert

maybe Soul can help you out !

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by richard@lbrc.org

+1 for VN. I had mine for several years, raced several seasons with success, crashed several times without breaking it. Ride it for an hour at least, almost every day. Seems bomb-proof to me.

I'm not certain how it compares to other Ti frames, or a 'proper' Made in Italy frame, but it didn't cost as much as those either.


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by gryfon

I have a Serotta which will most certainly outlive me. It's not outstanding in any one aspect be it's just completely right in every aspect. That being said, it's not my favourite for racing.

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by HillRPete

German KOCMO get fair tests too. In German mags, mind. Take from it what you like, they surely look nice, and are quite affordable compared to the top end.

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by lannes

The Litespeed Archon/T1 is a great frame, but not as light as some carbon
Have you considered the L1r carbon as a race frame, the massive bb386evo bottom bracket, gives you great power transfer and instant acceleration.

The L1r is currently my favorite over my ghisallo.

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by sideshow_bob

I think people who seem to talk Van Nicholas down generally haven't owned or ridden them and tend to be blinded by the 'Made in China' tag.

I've got an Astraeus which I've been on for 3 full seasons. It's a superb work horse, handles well, rides well on long rides on poor roads, climbs well. In 3 seasons I'd have north of 30,000K in it, including probably more than 100 days of racing, stage racing, single stage road, countless crits. It's taken everything I've thrown at it, and looks pretty much as good as the day I got it.

I've also got a new-ish Baum (Cubano) that I've had for 6 months and was custom fit and built for me.

Sure the Baum is stiffer, and handles a bit differently (not better or worse, just different). The finish on the Baum is miles ahead of the VN etc. But overall for the price, the VN stands up incredibly well.

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by Svetty

Kinesis have a new version of their Ti GranFondo out with a tapered headtube. The old model was brilliant - new one might be worth checking out.

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