New Cervélo P3

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by Tillquist

Like at this New Cervélo P3




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by Pokerface07

Read about this. Quite nice. Takes a lot of cues from the P5 but in a more affordable/useable frame set.

Still.... gotta love the 'original' P5: Image
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by mythical

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by davidalone

I like everything... xcept the price.

for the target market they're trying to aim at, speccing it down with ultegra/rival level components would do much better.

I wonder if they will offer frameset only though. I'd be intruiged if they did.

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Hey david, most of the dealer comments I've seen seem to suggest that we'll at least see one model with a lower spec and a frameset. You are right though, not much differentiation between the P3 and P5-3. I wouldn't be surprised to see pricing similar to the S5, with a low $4K bike and high $3k frameset price.

I do wonder if this bike may be a good choice for weight weenies. The old P3 frame was under 1300 grams if I recall correctly. By keeping traditional front end and brakes, it should allow for people to spec weight weenie components and keep weight low.

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by Andrew69

As a rider of the current (or should that be old!) model, Im in two minds about this bike.

Its simply priced too close to the P5 pricewise at the moment (~$5400 vs ~$6000) for me, although Im sure that will change somewhat in time as Cervelo releases Ultegra/Rival versions.
And I would like to see the Cervelo white paper. While its really a mrketing exercise, it would tells us just how close it is to the P5, and most importantly to me, how much better it is than my P3 and if its worth upgrading

It definitely looks the goods though.

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Cervelo has said 68 grams, though we don't know at what yaw angle, between a P5-6 and P3; now just imagine what portion of that 68 grams is the aerobar alone. Nick over at TriRig asked Phil about the difference of the new P3 with an Aduro and the P5-3 with the aduro and Phil didn't have an exact answer.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Was there any data comparing the P3 to the P5?

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by ph445

Nice bike Cervélo P3

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