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by kac

I have ordered Campagnolo Record 10-speed parts from them and found the prices far less than domestic (US) competition, even with the postage included. I had no problems whatsoever. Having stated that, I've had the absolute best internet purchase experiences with Competitive Cyclist (but they no longer carry Campagnolo 10-speed components).

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by swimmingskibble

I've purchased a few thing from there. I've purchased 3 sets of look pedals there over the years because its even cheaper than wholesale prices in the US. Shipping was so-so, but since it was coming over seas, I figured it would take a week or two.

by Weenie

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by andyhunter

They can delivery fast or you can wait a fair bit compared to others.
They have been bought over by the hut group, got an email today apparently there moving into a bigger premises and processing should be faster.

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by kevhogaz

I just bought a set of bibs from PBK, that were $139 USD from online retailers here, and $93 USD, there. I also bought a bunch of there house brand jerseys, right around Xmas, when they were $27 USD. Good stuff, and if you can wait for it, it's usually worth it.

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by FIJIGabe

kevhogaz wrote:I just bought a set of bibs from PBK, that were $139 USD from online retailers here, and $93 USD, there. I also bought a bunch of there house brand jerseys, right around Xmas, when they were $27 USD. Good stuff, and if you can wait for it, it's usually worth it.

I found the same savings using them versus any domestic (US) vendor. Saved about $10 for a set of 3d-ride bibs. Since I have the luxury of patience, I can wait the two weeks to receive them. Their prices on Conti tires, however, cannot be beat by anyone. New 4000S's for that price? I'm surprised US shops don't shop from them!
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by Jmeloy

Bought a group set on sale and it was a good deal.

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by geedawg

Looks like they just got acquired and already a lot of prices have gone up

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by engi

Bought tires from them. Good prices on GP4000s. First time shipping took a while, second time was much faster.

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by russianbear

Just got some open corsa cx's (new ones) for 75/pair (the 25s). Should be here any day.

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by jvanv8

Shipping to north east USA took 3 weeks. Once it finally arrived they forgot part of the order. A few emails exchanged so far. No concrete solution. Yet to be seen how they follow up. Not my online shop of choice given the wait delay and the mistakes to correct... added upon the lengthy distribution channel. I'm sure PBK is great for some. But not myself in my current location.
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by Juanmoretime

Bought my Time Xpresso 12's for half price of what they sell here in the States. Just received two sets of spare cleats for the pedals since I wanted to get some miles/kilometers on the pedals to see how I liked them, same situation. Order took a few weeks but their price blows away anything that I can get here by a large enough margin that the wait was well worth it. Just ordered this week a pair of Continental 4000S tires since I drank the Koolaid from the CCR/ wind tunnel testing threads that have been floating around here and over at Slowtwitch. Same deal. Just the best price around by a large margin.

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by boysa

Shipping to USA east coast routinely 10 working days for me. FWIW, when I lived in Norcal it was only 4!
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by russianbear

I also get little gels/sport gummies/electrolyte mix samples with every order for free.

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by Squint

Placed a tire order on 4/8, received tracking info on 4/10, checked the tracking info today and it said it was delivered today (4/16). This was with free shipping to the west coast.

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by ar500

I'm having a terrible experience waiting for delivery of a Fulcrum Racing Zero wheelset from PBK -- I'm located in the US (California). FYI the order was under $700 and I understand the threshold for import duty to be $800. I placed my order on July 6th and in my confirmation email the delivery estimate was July 17-18th. The website also clearly states that standard shipping is 3-8 days. So far I haven't received my wheels and the shipping tracking info hasn't updated since July 10th.

10/07/2017 13:09:00 ROUTED TO DESTINATION
07/07/2017 11:09:16 TRAKPAK PROCESS CENTRE UK
06/07/2017 17:02:17 DEPARTED The Hut Group

When I use the alternative USPS tracking number I get these updates

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
July 10, 2017, 1:09 pm Processed Through Facility AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL MAIL CENT, NETHERLANDS
July 7, 2017, 2:13 pm Acceptance NETHERLANDS

I've reached out to their customer service repeatedly and they haven't been able to provide any help in regard to the lack of tracking updates. I filed a missing package complain with USPS who looked in to the matter and said that the package must still be with the UK carrier because even if it were held up in customs USPS would have scanned it on its way in.

I cant tell if the package is legitimately lost or just on some extremely slow trip in to the US but I find it hard to believe that after 2 weeks with no updates it still wouldn't have reached the US given the 3-8 day delivery policy. Does anyone have any relatable experiences or recommendations? I'm considering raising this with my bank and requesting a chargeback.

by Weenie

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