Firefly Carbon-Ti

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by eurperg

The seatstays look like they are borrowed from 200 EUR On-One Inbred frame:


Definitely a big turn-off... I think this is a more elegant solution for mixing titanium with carbon :


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by eric01

Hrm... not a fan of the mono-stay. Everything else is awesome.

Here's seven's take on carbon-ti. Seat stays look better. (emphasis on 'look' since I haven't had the pleasure to ride either frame) ... ever-frame
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by beeatnik

The Firefly for bragging rights, the Seven for everything else.

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by Ozrider

Firefly are CUSTOM, you could have rear stays done a number of ways, whatever style you like.
I'm also not convinced of any real benefit of a Carbon / Ti frame, other than aesthetics and maybe a bit of weight saving?????
I have a Parlee, custom Reynolds steel and am seriously considering a Firefly/Eriksen/IF/ Baum but would go all Ti for the aesthetics and "feel" of a Ti bike.
The Firefly Carbon/Ti however is one pretty cool looking bike
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by bikewithnoname

It does look lovely, but it just reminds me too much of my mates 1994 Specialised S-works Epic Ultimate for my tastes

I’d rather have their full Ti model to be honest, but each to their own
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by RichTheRoadie

stella-azzurra wrote:Yeah just like the Merlin Cielo back in 2009?

And why the hell not?! Nobody said it was a new idea or new technology, and it's every bit as hot as the Cielo was!

Stolichnaya wrote:The stay design makes me think of the old steel Fat Chance's.

Hardly surprising - that's where the Firefly guys originally got started (before Fat Chance became IF, where Tyler was their designer).

Ozrider wrote:Firefly are CUSTOM, you could have rear stays done a number of ways, whatever style you like.

I reckon you'd probably have to have the wishbone stay if you got the carbon-Ti - the bike is probably designed around it.

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by styrrell

There was a pic of a FF with just the seat tube carbon and everything else looking like a normal FF including the seatstay arrangement, but no idea if they will still do that.

I'm just not a big carbon/ti fan. I like carbon because they can be lighter and more aero than any other material. I dislike them becasue of the esthetics and the lightest ones need to be somewhat babied, at least cosmetically.

Ti looks good, is easily customised, reasonably light and if unpainted can look new a decade later with no secial care.

I just don't see the improvement you get from mixing vs going all in on one material depending on what properties you desire.

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by carlislegeorge

Why are you people doing this to me? I so much wanted the Parlee to be my last bike for a I'm stuck with these in my head.
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by jedijeck

If ever there was a time for my lottery numbers to come up, it's now! Beauty I say!
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by phallenthoul

carlislegeorge wrote:Why are you people doing this to me?

:noidea: sorry..

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by Finbar

Styrrell - I saw that FF frame in the 'flesh'.
The guys at VeloCafeMagasin in Belfast are building one up for a very lucky customer.
I think he's going with Super Record, with Enve bars, stem and wheels.
They have a tumblr site: and I'm sure they'll be putting some photos of the build on there.

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by Jmeloy

Gotta add that I've communicated with the FF guys and boy they were great. Extremely responsive. I'm sorely tempted!

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by xnavalav8r

From Firefly...

Firefly Bicycles
One week to go until Kevin leaves Boston for DC with Tim Johnson's Ride On Washington. For the third year in a row, we're supporting the ride and by donating a titanium frameset to the ride. Every $50 you donate (to Kevin or any other RoW rider) gives you one chance to win. Please consider donating. Thanks!

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by elviento

From an engineering perspective, the added additional joints aren't unnecessary. That said, everything coming out of FF oozes class and taste, so lots of style points for sure.
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