Experiences Time NXRS Frame?

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by kojtl1000

After finding out my first choice for a new frame (2013 Cervelo R5) will not support the installation of a Campagnolo Record EPS group with internal wiring (apparently external wiring does not look really nice...), I am looking for good alternatives for the Cervelo frame.
I started looking at the 2013 Time NXRS frame and I really like the look of this frame. But it is really hard to find any kind of information on it. Anyone of you guys have this frame or have any information on this specific frame?

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by Antoine

like others Time frames it's well made (in France) and strong but not superlight.

Never heard any issue with Time frames, I see many older VXRS looking like new.

The NXRS is between the Fluidity (comfort with good performance) and the ZXRS (most performant frame from Time).

Sojasun rode the ZXRS in the tour de france but I think they also had some NXRS in other races.

I don't think it's as good as the Cannondale EVO or other top frames but it's better quality and it will last longer.

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by bikeboy1tr

l have the VXR 08 and its the nicest frame that l have owned yet. lts a good combo of performance,light weight, and comfort. Don't know what l will replace it with as l don't want the integrated seat post. So far the BMC TM, PINA.DOG.,are the only other frames that interest me. So many of the high end frames have integrated posts.
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by Youcef

1 have had 3 Time frames, VXRS, RXRS ( Stolen at World Masters in Austria) and an NXR Instinct. These are extremely well made frames, they rides as you would expect for the model you select ( ZXRS being the new RXRS was as stiff and nimble as you would expect a Pro Peleton frame to be ) the Instinct more of a Fondo frame was stiff at the front yet the year had some suppleness about it, much like a Look 595.

As mentioned here, they are not the lightest, you come in at 7.1 or 7.2 for the RXRS depending on the wheel and if you run power or not. But frankly the strength of the finish ( the external coat is rock solid ), the handling and the fact you are riding a hand made frame will make up for the WW blemish. IMHO.....not that I klnow much about racing bikes.

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by savechief

I can't answer your question directly about the NXRS. Perhaps it's too new to draw a conclusion on. But my past two road bikes have been Times, and I love them. I sold an Edge First and built up a VXRS Ulteam. I really like the workmanship, the relative exclusivity and the fact that they're still made in-house. There are some that claim Times are too flexy (top tube of the RXRS, for example), but Time claim that this is somewhat intentional to give the rider some feedback.

With that said, I can't quite figure out their lineup these days. It seems like they have a lot of overlap in the RX Instinct, NXS and NX. They're all non-integrated seatpost frames with the same geometry in the 14XX gram range for the frame and fork. Then they have the integrated seatpost NXRS and their high-performance ZXRS and RXRS frames (why did they keep the RXRS with the introduction of the ZXRS?).
Time VXRS Ulteam (7.16 kg)

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by ichobi

Ditto above. Time makes the most confusing lineups ever. Would be nice to know the difference between each model. They only tell geometry differences (fondo/race) but their models overlap somewhat. Want one after seeing RXRS in person. Gorgeous bike.

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by LaDolceVita

As everyone has said, TIME bikes are very special in terms of ride, quality, and beauty. You will not be disappointed with the purchase.

Going into a little of what the differences are between the NX collection, hope this helps ;)

The NXRS is TIME flagship race frame in the NX lineup. It has a ton of features that trickle-down from the ZXRS, as in the Powerlink asymmetrical chain stays (non-drive side stay is visual larger), CMT dropouts, and Translink seatpost (integrated).

NXS will have the wishbone stays and a little longer wheel base for a more comfortable/forgiving ride. Also goes to a standard seat post (aero). More like a Fluidity but with their racing geometry and a stiffer front end.

Last but not least, the NX will be a NXRS with standard chain stays, non-CMT dropouts, and standard seat post (areo) - all in a more compliant package.
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