Cannondale CAAD10-1 - Destroyed my frame or crankset? Help

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by Vuong05

Hard to say what happened. If it is a bearing or the spindle, then it is an easy/cheap fix.

Just take it apart carefully and see whats wrong. Sorry to hear about it and good luck on getting it back together.
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by Anders

Did you remove the shoulder on the spindle? Is that why you have that carbon spacer on? The blank metal on the outside what is that?

by Weenie

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by Buffalo

Please tell us what you've done in regards to your unorthodox hollowgram installation.

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by thisisatest

The spindles no longer have shoulders. Looks like a swap to a carbon spacer. Something funny going on with the dust shield, hard to say. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it is related to using a whole lotta preload.

Edit: didn't realise it's the older arms. What spindle is that? And your tire is on backwards... ;-)
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by engi

Ouch! Please tell us more once you find out.

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by BeeBee30

Whats that carbon spacer doing on the inside of the arm?
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Buffalo: I didn't install it, so hard for me to say.

Didn't realise that it was a mess to use a carbon spacer before now. Seems like i'm not the only one ( ... p-1/213655), but oh well that doesn't make it more right i guess.

The cranks will be disassembled later today and i will order new spare parts. Hopefully some new bearings, dustshield and aluminium spacer is all i need..

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by Geoff

I think that the carbon spacer is causing some miscommunication. I don't think the other posters are questioning the carbon, I believe that they are questioning the use of a spacer at all.

On the older Si SL cranks (i.e., not the Si SL2 crank), I recall that there is no non-drive side spacer. The photo you have linked to is an MTB crank. I think we are assuming that you are running a road spindle. If you were running a MTB triple onna 132mm spindle, then you do need a 12mm spacer on the non-drive side, and a carbon one should be fine. With a road spindle, the spacer will side load the bearing. The Si SL2 crank and spindle set-up is different and does use a non-drive side spacer, I believe.

To be more clear, the road version of the Si Sl2 crank will have a wave washer, two or three shims and one of two different sizes of spacer on the non-drive side, depending upon the bottom bracket used.

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