difference between Challenge's white and black rubber?

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by gt5504b

Is there any real or perceived difference in performance between Challenge's 'white tread/black sidewall' tires vs. the 'black tread/gum wall" tires?
Sidewall/casing stiffness? Tread durability? Grip? Resistance to UV or water?
I'm looking to buy a new set of Grifos, and would like to make the choice on some better criteria than aesthetics.

I know in the past that some colored tread have performed better than others. For example during my time in the southeast US the green Michelins where much better on the hard clay soil than the black ones. But I also have seen lower-end white tires that dried and cracked more easily than their black option, and also were a bit harder offering less grip on asphalt.
Not sure if any of that would come into play here. :noidea:

Thoughts? Personal experiences?


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by N.T

I have had black and white criteriums and didn`t really notice any difference.
Then again you shoudn`t underestimate the plasebo effect.
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by HillRPete

The white ones have a reputation of better grip. Might be folklore, or the fact that they are softer due to the missing carbon (not fiber).

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by Martin1977

I always used black tires, so no practical experiences. But I've read article from Schvalbe and they recomended their black tires for best performance. According to them, they make different colours of tires to match various bikes, but for best performance, they recomend to use pure black tires.

I have no idea, if with Challenge tires it is the same.

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