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Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by 2oldnslow

My current touring bike is a Singular Peregrine which is great but well let's just say it's no weight weenie. I'm looking to put together a sort of day ride credit card tourer and considering the Lynskey Sportive Disc as a basis. I've got a pair of Hope Pro 2 disc hubs (32) in my spares box and after a bearing change I think I'll go with. I know it has a brake track I don't need but I'm thinking of the DT Swiss RR465 rims. I'd appreciate any suggestions on spokes and patterns or am I best just sticking to the tried and tested 3x using DT Comps ?

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by kulivontot

I've put 3000+ fully loaded touring miles on my Sun CR18 rims and have had no issues with tension or trueness. Very cheap for a wide touring rim. Tension around the joints is not exactly stellar, but other than that few problems.

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