HED c2 v.s. Mavic open pro

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by uraqt

boolinwall, thanks for the feedback!!!


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by boolinwall

No problem!

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by Rush

drchull wrote:I have both and would definitely go with the HEDs. I have a set for training wheels built up 32 spoke on CK hubs. They survived Flanders and Roubaix without a hiccough under my 200+lb corpulent ass. They are more comfortable than my tubulars with Michelin 25C tires and plain old butyl tubes.

Out of interest what sort of frame were riding and what were the clearances like?
I was running the Michelin Pro 4 Endurance 23C on my HEDs, but switched to the Michelin Optima Pro which is a 25c. They are HUGE on my current bike (old custom steel frame) and the clearances on my new bike (Baum with Enve fork) is quite tight.

As much as I love the plush ride (especially on coarse asphalt) I think if I bust a spoke I'd be stranded (which kind of defeats the purpose of building a 32-spoke rear wheel). The rubber mold 'needles' on the side of the carcass touch the chainstays.

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by HillRPete

Not so much a comparison than a data point -- I have a 36h OP set and it is stiff to the point where I'm wondering if it would feel more nimble if it had a little flex (170lbs-ish rider). The 36h were the only "Ceramic" ones I found when realising they went out of production.

That said, why is it between those models only? Fairwheelbikes did a nice roundup of modern alu clincher rims recently, well worth checking out before placing an order.

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by drchull

Hey, I have ridden this setup with a Cervelo RS which was really tight on the fork, a Scott Foil with lots of clearance and a Vitesse (which is a little brand out of Toronto) again with good clearance. Most of the time I have found the fork tighter than the rear triangle. Actually tried a 28C on the Vitesse which squeezed in but Gatorskins in 28c just aren't as comfortable as 25C Krylions (now Pro 4 endurance).

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by garysol1

Not saying I recommend this for others but I weigh in at 170lbs and built up my C2's 24/24 (radial front 2x/2x rear) with CX-Rays and CK hubs and have had no issues but I am on my forst season with them. Thinking back I should have gone at least 24/28 but whats done is done and so far no regrets.
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