Look 695 fit vs 585 ?

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by DeVlaeminck

If I can ask the collective wisdom of the WW forum.

After 6 years being faithful to my Look 585 I'm looking at moving on. I've been more than happy with it but the stack is a bit low for me now - I'm running 3cm of spacers plus the headset so the stem is probably 4cm plus above the headtube.

Was thinking maybe a Specialized Tarmac but I've seen a good deal on a Look 695 and the 585 has served me well so that appeals if I can make the geometry work. The head tube on my 585 is 17.5cm and the 695 is a bit longer on paper at 19.25 - and apparently it comes with a 17mm spacer - so from that point of view it should work. Before I pull the trigger on it does that sound right - I can't try as it's an internet sale purchase - full retail price on these is beyond my budget so it's either that or look for something else.

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by sawyer

Make sure the seat tube angle including the e-post works for you. E-post has min setback, or else you can change to an R5 E-post with zero setback, but not cheaply
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by Tumppi

I have had Look 381, 481, 585, 595 and now current 695. You can get exact same driving position on 585 and 695. Remember there is no need for 15mm headsetcap for 695 and you can cut off the fork down 17mm and remove the spacer.

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by DeVlaeminck

Thanks both.

Yes I'm riding with some setback so I think the epost would be OK.

Re. the position - I really want a taller front than the 585 - or at least I want the same position I have now with fewer spacers - that's my question really, is the 695 higher at the front or is the taller head tube of the 695 negated by the lack of headset cap (or anything else) ?

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