Cervelo R5ca fork THM installation

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by Naturel


Just to know if is it normal to have a little space between the fork and the head tube.
(I saw there is no space for the R5 ?!)

I placed only one bearing at the bottom...Is it enough?

Thank You.

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by sigismond0

There really shouldn't be any space between any fork and head tube, if there's more than a millimeter-ish gap, something's likley wrong. And yes, there should only be one set of bearings at the bottom of a head tube.

Is this your first headset install? You might want to consider taking your bike down to the LBS and having someone there do the headset installation while you watch and learn. Not worth risking damaging that beautiful frame with a botched headset install, you know?

This picture shows what the fork/head tube should look like:


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by sedluk

Some of the R5ca's had more space than others. My guess is that it has to do with them being hand made. Ideally they should have all been exactly same and had something closer to 1-2mm of spacing, but that din't happen. You are not doing anything wrong. That is just the way they come.

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