Cervelo S5 vs specialized venge and R5 vs super6 evo

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by sawyer

Geoff wrote:@sawyer, I was not speaking specifically about Quickstep, but professional bikes in general. As it turnes-out, the Venge racebikes are actually 'stock' bikes in the sense that they are the same McLaren lay-up schedule that you can buy from Specialized, but with the Team paint (and a reinforced steerer tube, that you can also get).

Do you know if the OPQ bikes are all/mostly McLarens or are some on S-works.

Perhaps it's because I have an S-works that I'm looking for an answer to affirm my purchase :lol: but the cost of the McLaren frames is such that I'd be very surprised if any team had the $$$ just to supply those to the ho-hum domestiques.

Was interesting reading Hamilton's book that USPS kept the nice bikes for races and only Lance got the good stuff for training/testing.
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by Bhowe


I was on a S5 for the entire season last year. Before that 9 months on a SL4 Sworks Tarmac. My current bike is a Venge pro. And I spent 20ish miles on the SuperSic Evo demo bike this past Sunday.

Each bike, with the exception of the demo bike, has been ridden with the exact same contact points and di2 group.

Here are my thoughts:

Sworks Tarmac: Super responsive, the most comfortable of the bunch compliance wise. Probably also the stiffest. Perfect for crits and can be built up very light

S5: Very aero, maintains speed over 25mph very well. Lacked any feel or liveliness. Lease comfortable/compliant. Heavy

Venge: Still very aero, less stiff in the BB than the previous two bikes, despite seeming to sprint/accelerate much quicker. Pretty comfortable, maybe just a touch less compliant than the Tarmac.

Evo: Lot's of road feel, but not abrupt. Not going to be as comfortable as the Venge or Tarmac on long rides. Felt very stiff in the front end, and felt like it would climb very well.

Hope this helps!

Personally the big S's geometry fits me best of the 4.

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by dkm

Ummm...i'm not a pro by any means but i have to say that the S5 isnt heavy. I have a S5 VWD 58cm that weighs in at 13.5lbs without any freaky parts. I love the way it rides. I have a number of race bikes (i dont race) and that isnt a bad riding bike.

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by lovestheclimb

go for a tarmac sl4, can't go wrong with that.

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