Specialized Tarmac SL4

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by rhyslewisdavies

My Tarmac SL4 after having an SL2 and 3 which i really liked. However im not happy with the cranks on this bike and they ruin it for me - they make the bike seem sluggish and hard work and i really want rid of them - does anyone else think they are a pile of rubbish or is it just me? they have ceramic bearings but dont spin freely in my opinion - my fulcrum rrs on my sl3 were fantastic - used to spin all day - not happy. the frame and other components are excellent though. what other crank options do i have without the use of adaptors - none i guess?

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by CBJ

Sound really strange. I have them and ad 2009 version on my previous bike and think they work great.

by Weenie

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by crohnsy

So if the bearing are bad you blame the cranks? Good show. Why don't you try new bearings?

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by bikericer

Take them off and make sure you aren't running too many spacers. They should spin freely and seem nice (never ridden a pair and would rather have a BB30 set)

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by lovestheclimb

I have the same cranks and I think they are great, also on a sl4, as a previous post mentioned check the spacers and also check the bearings in the bottom bracket are pushed in correctly and properly.
best of luck

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by thisisatest

That model year crank should not take preload spacers or a wavy washer. It should have a small tapered plastic ring on the left side with three tiny setscrews. One gently snugs the setscrews until they stop, and then the space is gone.
I have never seen a specialized crank spin poorly when new. Their system and tolerances tend to hold the bearings gently. With the chain off, spin the crank firmly. If the crank spins 4 or 5 revolutions (or more), then the cranks and bearings are fine.
Also, most cranks have resistance compared to campy or fulcrum cranks. If yours check out ok, then the difference in bb drag is not at all apparent when riding, leaving the sluggishness to some other part of your bike.

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by NiFTY

I have an pair from a S works tarmac SL (the first all carbon one) still going strong in my warranty replacement SL3. Great cranks. No creaks and stiff. Excellent finish, which holds up well to heel scuff. Think i might like them more than my *whispers* hollowgrams, which seem to make a bit of noise even with loctite and grease everywhere it should be.
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by rhyslewisdavies

yeah i always try the spin test with the chain off and they were spinning twice at most - had some maintenance done and theyre now spinning 5 times and the bike now feels as id expect - rolls very nicely and instant forward movement when you stamp on the pedals - thanks to those who responded with constructive comments.

by Weenie

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