Noisy Sram Force Pulleys!!

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by Mrtomh99

Sram Force Noisy DR!!!
My new Cannondale Slice 4 with Sram Force has very noisy pulleys. I have tried using different chains to no avail and have lubed the new pulleys and chain very well also. I have taken the rear wheel and chain off then rolled the chain over a pulley by hand and determined that it's chain on pulley noise. The same experiment on my shimano DR is much quieter. The difference seems to be the shape of the pulley vs shimano pulley when looking at the thin profile and the hardness of the plastic Sram vs the softer plastic on the shimano. The chain just rides on smoother on the Shimano pulley and does not make a steel on plastic click.
I have two questions:
1) Am I the only Sram user that has noticed the noise?
2) Are there any replacement pulleys that are quieter?

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by thisisatest

Make sure your hanger is aligned, especially with respect to the direction the pulleys end up pointing. They sometimes stick out on the back, and make a lot of racket it in large cogs.
also, have you thought about just using Shimano pulleys?

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by sigismond0

Do you know if you have the new 2013 Force? The RD will have the ExactAcuation logo right next to the bolt for the lower jockey, and there will be a ZeroLoss logo on the rear shifter. This year's model has the Aeroglide jockeys from Red and they are a bit louder than the older ones. If you want I'd be happy to trade you my jockeys from my 2012 Force--they have maybe 100mi on them, so basically new.

Edit: My bad, the ExactAcuation logo is only there on the WiFli version. The regular 2013 RD has in around the bottom of the jockey, but I believe that's the same as 2012. Just check the shifter.

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by Mrtomh99

Thanks but everything has been checkd out OK. I isolated the problem to just loud chain against pulley noise due to design of the Force pulley. As far as Shimano fitting Sram- they are not compatible. Thanks for considering the problem.

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