If you could only have one bike...

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bikewithnoname

I’d put some lightweight Gipferlsturm’s on my Peg, swap the record for super record and that’s about it.

Wouldn’t mind a Lotus superbike to hang on the wall too
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by Weenie

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by dadoflam08

For me my Baum Corretto does everything - Ti comfortable, fantastic climbing and unreal descending - 2012 SR, Ksyrium SLR's (I know I know but they brake fantastically, can be ridden in any weather and take 28C tyres), the aforementioned 28c tyres - Schwalbe Ultremos are still in my good books, and Deda cockpit. And when I am not riding it I love looking at it.
The bonus is that I can always have the frameset colour scheme changed to the latest of Darren's designs when I get tired of the old one.
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by sugarkane

Pretty much the same bike I have already.. A sub 12lb parlee z5.. Only an SLi with super record esp instead of mech SR and maybe a set of 3.4 clinchers to extalite SP hubs to round out my enve 45 and 6.7 tubbies.. The whole thing just a little blacker than it is now. :mrgreen:

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by ticou

Cyclocross and river bank rides would sometimes come callin', so I guess I'm stuck with my steel and a 2kg wheel downgrade. Or not, as I'd struggle for frame clearance above 28m tires.

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by prendrefeu

A custom geometry A2J Rolo, components variable (but no electronic drivetrain).
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by bluesea

Is this one bike for life? :D For that I'll replace my Duende with a new Pegoretti. Otherwise maybe a Gaulzetti Corsa with standard seat post fixture.

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by maverick_1

Definitely my good ol' TIME VXRS Ulteam.. :thumbup:

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by jedijeck

If I had to have only one bike to do everything, then for me it has to be a Moots Psychlo-X.
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by mali

Colnago C59, Super Record 11s, Campagnolo Bora ultra2 would be my choice :)
Stem, bar, seatpost, seat...ax lightness :D

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by sawyer

Wld have my Look 585 Ultra ... but upgrade the grouppo to new Di2 or preferably EPS if they sorted out the battery.

Wld keep my 202 tubs on.
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by edesigner

Something between my Litespeed Vortex and my Indy Fab Planet Cross. Both you can ride mile after mile in comfort but and are "light enough" in a manner of speaking.

I probably would send both to Lynsky and tell him to "make magic happen" between the two geometries and clearance. Group - probably Sram for weight, Zipp 303s. I just would have to pick the most Aero Cross setup. Disc would be considered there but probably would go traditional for weight savings.

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by bobqzzi

Custom titanium Softride Touring/commuter/road/cross bike

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by Jmeloy

I've got a custom Speedvagen SM due to ship shortly so I'm thinking THAT might be the one for me. But who knows... N+1 is always in play. Would like to see a Baum in person as a future option.

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by Wingnut

For me it would be a fully custom Firefly Ti or a Calfee...

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by Cheers!

For me it would be:

Custom Richard Sachs


Custom Firefly Reynolds 953


Custom Moots

I personally don't think you can only have just 1 bike. Maybe just 1 road, and 1 mountain.

All built with Campagnolo Super Record 11 (mechanical, not EPS)
as many extralite parts I can piece together.
Zipp Handlebar
Zipp 202 firecrest clinchers
Veloflex tires
White tape, white saddle

by Weenie

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