Maintaining fitness at sea

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by silentassasin

First post, but been lurking for a long time. I have recently started a job that I work 8 weeks on 8 weeks off, with the 8 weeks being on a ship mostly at sea. Having completed my first commission I realize that between the food choice and the sedentary work/ social life onboard I need to do some exercise to maintain some shred of fitness. There are several ships, the one I was on did not have any equipment as it's a little small, but some do. So the question is what kind of exercises could be done to maintain fitness if there is not really room to run. There is always the skipping rope for some cardio, but any other suggestions?

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by prendrefeu

You may want to send a PM to our fellow WW xnalav8r (may have misspelled his name). While he does currently live in the Netherlands, he has spend months (literally, months) at sea and maintained race-ready fitness while out there. This did include riding rollers on the deck during a storm. :shock:
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by Privateer

Really? That's pretty hard core. :shock: indeed.

His username is xnavalav8r
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