New SwissStop Carbon Pads

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by Vuong05

Same here, any updates on whether these will work with Lightweight wheels? Must be a very thorough testing procedure given the cost of the wheels I suppose.
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by RichTheRoadie

Nothing Lightweight-related, but Black Prince on Gigantex rims here and the braking is the best I've ever had on carbon - right up there with a very good alu setup; zero pulsing, no noise and great stopping power. Impressive.

Not tried in the wet yet.

(I've not read the rest of this thread so apologies if I'm speaking out of turn!)

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by dereksmalls

I want to know how they go with Enve 45 rims

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by UpFromOne

+1 for the Black Prince

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by project3

wonder can i use swissstop yellow pad for both carbon and alu wheels? yes they did not say can at swissstop website but my LBS say can and alot of people been using it.

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by SLCBrandon

Went from yellows to Black Prince and the difference was dramatic. I love them. They are used on Zipp 202 and 404's, for what it's worth.

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by Privateer

project3- I think the yellows will work fine on aluminium, but make sure you use different pairs (read from page 1)

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by Frankie13

Using the new black prince on my HED Stinger 6 tubular and love them from the first moment. Big improvement over the yellow ones and I also don't have the yellow residue showing on my rims anymore.

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by mellowJohnny

Had a few rides (dry conditions only so far) on them and to echo the sentiments above, they are fabulous. Curious to see how well they wear...

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by HammerTime2

HammerTime2 wrote:
CarbonSportsGmbH wrote:
HammerTime2 wrote:
CarbonSportsGmbH wrote:Before we can give approval for usage of Black Prince pads in combination with Lightweight wheels, we have to do our own tests - both on road and in laboratory.
This will take some weeks. Until that only the Lightweight by Swissstop pads are allowed for Lightweights wheels to avoid a loss of warranty.
Has CarbonSports done any testing of the Black Prince pads yet?

We're still testing them.
Andreas, do you have test results yet? Thanks.

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by djconnel

Swissstop originally claimed the yellows could be swapped between Al and C with just a wipe off cleaning but I swap pads now. I think that claim has been since revised.

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by Vuong05

Still waiting for an update from Carbonsports, has anyone heard if these pads will work with there wheels?
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by mellowJohnny

Also noticed the pads are now on Zipp's official list of approved pads, in case you are keeping score at home...

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by handler

Put me on the list for those who want an answer from Carbonsports.

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by philipBer

UpFromOne wrote:+1 for the Black Prince

+1 also from me, riding them on CCUs and they are better than the yellow ones!

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