1st gen sram red and powercordz

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by styrrell

So, I absolutely hate putting new shift cables in sram red shifters. Almost never goes smoothly and I've tried all the tricks. I can get it done but its frustrating trial and error.

So I'm wondering, are powercordz easier or harder. If its harder to do no way am I going to try, if easier (and it seems like between them being flexier and not having a rigid iniual stran to catch and bend they may be) I'll likely give it a go next time.

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by 1415chris

Life would be too perfect :)

Brake cables - very straight forward job, no bends.
With gear ones, I found that PC take corners much easier than steel cables.

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by mdeth1313

I tested derailleur cables for them years ago-- it was the 1.5 mm cables. They went in ok, but over time they shredded causing crappy shifting. Fortunately, the shifting got so erratic they cables had to be changed before they would break.

I never got to try the 1.2 mm cables, but I believe they work much better.

hope that helps.

FWIW, I've found getting any (derailleur) cables thru sram red shifters is hit or miss. It'll either go right through or it'll be a total PITA!
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by sungod

i've used powercordz (with nokon) with my sram red almost three years, works perfectly

a while back i posted some install info here...

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=92700&hilit=powercordz&start=15#p812939" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

needs attention during install to make sure cables are nicked, i'd be wary of running them through traditional outer

current cables have been on over 18 months, no sign of any fraying or casing damage

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