Q: Cannondale Frame Exchange: what's included?

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by numberSix

The LBS and the Cannondale rep aren't sure.
So I was wondering if anybody has done this recently?

Trading for a Supersix Evo:
Frame, fork, and ______?

Headset, with top cap?
Bottom bracket bearings?
Seatpost clamp?
Back brake cable stops for the internal routing?
rear dérailleur hanger? :wink:



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by Doolop

You are doing a warranty upgrade?

You only need to include the frame and fork.

Surprising that your LBS doesn't know this...

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by numberSix

This is a 'turn in an old frame to get a deal on a new frame'.

So the question is, what comes with the new frame?

Just looking to have all the little parts lined up so I can build it right away.


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by skywalker268

It should be frame/fork (uncut)/headset(with top cap and compression plug/spacers)/seatpost clamp. Does not come with a BB.

I work at a shop and did several of the frame exchanges, from what I remember that's what it comes with. I believe it also includes the rear brake cable stop and RD hanger. You're essentially purchasing a retail frameset and then getting a credit for the frame exchange applied to the LBS's retail account, and then they extend that discount to you.
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by Vuong05

Exactly what skywalker268 said: frame, fork, headset assembly, seatpost and rear derailleur hanger.
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by numberSix

Thanks! I knew somebody on WW would have BTDT.

Really looking forward to building this up.

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by limba

I forgot about that plan. I might use it in a few years.

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by KWalker

How significant is the discount when you turn your old frame in? I bought a SS EVO di2 only frame, but don't like di2 and would like to sell it for a mechanical frame.
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by numberSix

I'm assuming they all use the same pricing, but here's what I was told:
Dealer one, I've never done business with: caad10 $1000 cash, $700 with exchange.
Dealer two, bought the trade-in from them in 2003: SS Evo Hi-Mod Mechanical $3500 cash, $2500 with exchange.

Sounded too good to be true. But it's ordered and paid for. The FAQ page does say you should be the original owner of the trade-in. Dealer 2 says this is better than the shop pro deal pricing.

I'm guessing this will be a big upgrade from a CAAD7 & CAAD9 :-D

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by FastforaSlowGuy

Wow! Had I known they had this program I might have gone with the C'Dale last time.
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by numberSix

got the frame, so to answer the question in case anybody else goes this route:

frame, fork,
Headset, with the new light expander
Bottom bracket aluminum bearing cups, epoxied in!
Bottom bracket cable guide
Seatpost clamp
Back brake cable stop, and assembly cable guide for the internal routing
rear dérailleur hanger

So to finish it, what was needed was BB30 bearings - not the PF30 in the specs page of their website.
Also not included was the front brake fork nut KP157.


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