Thomson bars are here (pics page 2)

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by djconnel

Only down to 40 cm oo! Unfair to those of us with narrow shoulders.
I just went to 3D Bike Fit and was encouraged to get short-reach bars. These certainly seem to fit that prescription. But too wide.
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by FastforaSlowGuy

They are going on my primary bike so they better be durable! They don't feel thin/flimsy. It's my first set of carbon bars so I am nervous about crashing them. I'm not aggressive enough in a race to crash a lot so I'm crossings fingers that doesn't change now. Apart from that I don't feel worried about riding them hard.
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by Weenie

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by mattydubs

Well, back of the envelope/Strava calculation, I think I've got about 1200 miles on mine. I use them on the trainer (stress under hard sprint type intervals), on mountain climbs (and subsequent descents), and that's most of it. They seem pretty tough, they don't flex on me, and the absorb chatter better than the aluminum Ritchey WCS Logic bars I had. They do have a pretty classic drop shape and the smaller drop on the KFC bars were half the reason I went with them. I've seen both in person and they are both nice bars.

They are made overseas, Thomson says they are planning on bringing the production to the US, but despite that they are pretty flawless.

I use them in training (200-300 miles a week depending on the time of year) and plan on racing on them too.

But here's the caveat... I weigh 143 pounds at my heaviest. So I am not sure how they will feel for a heavier rider. I will say they seem pretty robust and I don't worry too much about them. I like them better than any of the Easton, Ritchey, Nitto, or Bontrager bars I've had on my bikes over the years.

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by civdic

I have a set of the Cross Bars. They came in at 180.5 g for the 42 width.

I'm 200lbs. I went from an Enve compact to a Aluminum 3T Ergosum to the Thomson bar. I found the grove on the backside of the Enve to be uncomfortable. I run Di2 so all cables run on the front of the bar. The 3T was OK except I found it transmits a lot of road chatter to my hands and the bar diameter on the top was a bit small.

The Thomson have proven to be great. Seems pretty stiff under climbing. Mutes the road chatter very well and I found the DA Di2 shifters to sit very nicely on the bar. The large round shape to the top is great and the grove for the cables sit more under the bar than the Enve. Groves don't seem to interfere with my hands. So far it's been great.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the top of the bar before the curve starts towards the hoods is wider than most bars. I like the room for the longer seated climbs.

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by FastforaSlowGuy

Bars installed, along with the Aican cables. Swapping out the bars, stem and cables brings the bike down to 14.8 lbs as shown (pedals, cages, Barfly). Not too bad for a bike with a powermeter!

Link here (because I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to post pics): ... 7343/show/" onclick=";return false;

Apologies for the crummy pics, busy background and mis-matching tires. I'll get better pics up when the snow clears and I can get outside for a better shot.
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by bricky21

Cool. They're nice looking bars. I'm thinking of going for the road bars.

To post pics. Click the Img tab on the tool bar of the reply screen to get [img]THESE[/img] to drop down.

Then paste your link [img]HERE[/img]

then just hit submit

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by FastforaSlowGuy

I did that and grabbed a link from the flick account but all that posted was the word "image". I will play with it some more when I have time.

Took them out for a 3hr ride Sunday. Very stiff but very comfortable. Love the wide top section. Great on climbs.
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by Quinn039

Just picked up my 42cm road bars. Came in significantly underweight at 180g. Im ridiculously excited.

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by Briscoelab

Sorry to dig this old thread up. But, we just got a set of these bars (KFC model) for one of my wife's CX bikes. They came in at 178g for the 40cm version, which is a good bit under claimed. They are also surprisingly stiff for the light weight. Much stiffer than the 3T rotundo team bars and Specialized S-works traditional round bars she has on other bikes. They aren't quite as stiff as our sets of Pro Vibe carbon round bars, but then again... they are also 50 grams lighter (and not lacking much in stiffness)!

We went with these to help drop some weight off that race bike (she had a Deda aluminum bar on there before, an older 215), because she went from Campy to Di2. So far, they are great. We'll see how they hold up to the inevitable crashing.

The quality of the bars is outstanding though... carbon and finish look great.

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