Enve valve extenders on Vittoria Corsa Evo tubs

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by pawnii

Hi all,

I've got some Enve valve extenders that i'm trying to put on some Vittoria Corsa Evo tubs but they don't seem to match up.
Anyone else have this problem?
It looks like the valve extenders are expecting the tubs to be female but because the Evo's have a removable stem they are male.

Also, does anyone use a black permanent maker the base tape prior to gluing the tub to get rid of the tan color?

thanks all
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by Weenie

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by sungod

you need to use vittoria's red extenders

for instance like these...

http://www.probikekit.com/uk/tyres-tube ... -80mm.html

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by pawnii

I found these.
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Maxxis-MVS-6 ... 1268wt_908

they're better than the Vittoria ones because they have a removable valve core. This means you can remove the valve core and inject sealant.
Wasn't easy to find a valve extender that's a female fitting on both ends.
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by Zigmeister

Get the Maxxis as mentioned above. Cheaper, they work fine, and they have removable cores.

http://www.treefortbikes.com/product/33 ... 1908___696

They show discontinued on that link, but you can get them still.

I run Vittoria Corsa CX on my Zipp 303 FC tubs, and run the 44mm version, they stick out just enough so you can pump it up fine, but don't have this ridiculously long stem hanging out.

I would think the 60mm+ for 404Fc or 80mms would work fine also.

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