Helmet for a round head.

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by crashoveroid

Try a Kask K50 really good fit.

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by campbellrae

Tried on a couple more helmets today, from Bell and Met. The Met was ok but not the right model(mtb helmet) but the Bell had the same problem as the Giro helmets among others. The key seems to be finding one with a retention system that adjusts all the way round the head, and not just the rear 75%.

Can't find anywhere that stocks Kask or Lazer helmets which is getting irritating! Could be time to take advantage of Competitive Cyclists returns policy, does it apply outside the US?

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by winky

Yeah it's weird. Seems like the top-of-the line helmets and shoes are shaped for narrow heads and feet. Why do they do that?

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by yeagermeister

I agree with the kask suggestions particularly the mojito. I too have a very round head and don't fit giro well. If you can try one on my Rudy project wind max has been my favorite, no side pressure at all.

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by LLL

Bontrager Oracle fits well for round heads

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by campbellrae

I ended up ordering a Kask Mojito online and thankfully it's a great fit. Wouldn't go as far as perfect but by far the best I have found so far.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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by lannes

Met Stradivarus has a round fit

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by mann2

How about a Prevail? works very good on my round head

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by echtogammut

I had issues finding a helmet that would fit as well, but I chanced upon a Giro Atmos with an "Asian Fit" under the sizing (medium). Usually, I would get a large, but the medium fits perfectly without all the extra space in the front and back I used to pad out. I'm not sure how common Asian Fit is in helmets, I had only seen it on sunglasses previously, but it definitely fits round heads a lot better.

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by phourgenres

Catlike! It was so round I couldn't wear it.

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by dcpdpayne

As mentioned the Lazer Genesis and Lazer helmets in general have my favorite retention system and are supremely comfortable. Recently I've switched to Specialized helmets, because my LBS stopped carrying Lazer, and have been really happy with the fit. Also I though that that my head felt cooler (in temperature....isn't self esteem is just fine) in the Specialized.

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by winky

How about Catlike helmets? You know, the one with the big golf ball sized holes in it. Are those a good fit for round heads?
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by 604Yarks

I picked up an Alpina Pheos not long ago, and am loving it.
I've got a pretty round head (and my hair is longer than usual right now), no fitment issues at all.
It has a dial at the back to adjust tension, and with a size 55-59cm I only need one click and it's just right.
Grabbed mine at a clearance sale for under $100, and for that price I think it's a good deal.
Finish is not quite nice enough to justify the original, non discounted sticker price though IMHO.
It's about 237g according to the web reviews so not too bad WW wise.

*ventilation is pretty good too, mind you it's been pretty chilly here so I'm not sweating like I would in the summer!
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by Tumppi

+ 1 for Catlike. I also have round head and Catlike Whisper Plus fits great. Our team use Giro Aeon and it is second best option for me and actually I like it more than Catlike because of its light weight.

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