Zipp 202 FS - Glue Residue?

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by ipenguinking

I've found two small 'glue spots' on the edge of my brand new Zipp 202 FC. They very solid, hard, and can't get rid of them with my fingernail. Since the spots are small and smooth on the edge, I can't feel them when braking. They don't really bother me but somehow I'm still little worrying about they ended up peeling off and taking some brake track with them. I think I'm just going to ride and keep my eyes on them since these wheels came with 2-year warranty. What's your thought?


by Weenie

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by jdp211

Not something I'd worry about. Appears to be above the brake track. If you're really concerned I'd send that photo to Zipp and see what they say.

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by Geoff

Yeah. No problem.

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by mellowJohnny

I'm a bit surprised that made it out of quality control. I'd run it by Zipp and see what they say. Likely nothing to worry about, but for the price of Zipp wheels I'd expect perfection.

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by btompkins0112

Off topic.....did you weigh them?

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by sawyer

Does look to be above the brake track, and less of an issue if so.

Cld they be gently filed down to at least be smoothed?
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by Weenie

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