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by Bregne

Dear Weenies

I would like to re-paint my FSA OS 115 Stem, as it has some paintscrubs over the last year. I want it to have a clearcoat finish to match my new bike.

How would you recommend it to be done? Should i just get all of the old paint off with sandpaper, and then re-paint it with black spraypaint and then a clearcoat layer?

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by GASer

Tried to sand mine, lots of work and not a detailed outcome


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by DJT21

It really depends. If it is actually painted, then you could use paint stripper to remove the paint.

If its anodized (which I think it might be) then caustic soda/oven cleaner will remove the anodizing. Use it carefully though. Go easy on bolt threads.

If you've stripped it back ot bare metal, then theres no need to clearcoat it. Just polish it up and give it a clean every once in a while.

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by Bregne

Sounds good with the oven cleaner. But i need the stem to be a clear black.

I want it to get the look of a FSA SL-K stem (not the graphics) just the finish. How should i proceed?

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by pawnii

I painted my stem. It's a 3T ARX LTD stem. It's a carbon stem with a clear coat but the process is the same with aluminium.
I did it because i wanted the stem i a Matte finish to match my bike.

I used 800 grit wet sandpaper and then 1200 grit wet sandpaper. You don't need to take off all the paint, just make it smooth and get out any scratches or dents.

Then i used 2pack paint. it's a 2 part mix, paint and hardener.
This was sprayed with a gravity feed paint gun and compressor.

Alternatively you could just use acrylic pressure packs but it's not as glossy and won't last as long.
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by Bregne

Went ahead and did it.

Currently it's drying up and i hope that the result will look as good tomorrow as it does now.
Will post some pictures.

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by Greenduck

The result should get better as the paint/clear coat dries and hardens.
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by jedijeck

Would be interested in how it turned out. Pics?
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