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by skiezo

I have had a DA 7800 32 hole rear hub NIB lying around for a few years and decided to have a wheel built around this hub. I know is is not the lightest and I would prefer a black hub.But being DA it should spin smoothly and last for years. So here are my thoughts based on a wheel I had built by Dave @ Speeddream wheels years ago and it has been bulletproof for years of riding.

Hub; DA 7800 32 hole
Rim; 24 hole velocity A23
Spokes;Wheelsmith AE15
Nipples;Brass DS/ Alloy NDS
Configuration; DS/ 16 count 1x -NDS/8 count 1x

What are your thoughts on a build like this?

Thanks Skiezo

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by Mackers

Makes not much sense to me.

The 7801 has the best DS spacing available and relatively narrow NDS spacing, so what's the point of 16:8?
With a 16:8 lacing you'll have more tension on the NDS spokes than DS, so aluminum nipples NDS?
You are already short 4 pulling spokes, when you can lace the DS spokes perfectly tangential using 3x, why lace DS 1x?
Ideally you'd use a stiffer rim than something like an A23 for 16:8.

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by bm0p700f

It will be a poor wheel. All you are saving is the weight of 8 spokes which is not that much. If you want to save weight use a lighter rim like the RR415 and Lasers or CX-rays. Triplet lacing work best with stiff rims and hubs designed specifically for it, the DA 7800 hb as good as it is is not that hub.

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by skiezo

Ok, Thanks for the Info.
I was trying to replicate a wheel that I had built in 2004 that used a record 32 hole hub and 24 hole Sun ringle venus rim.
I was looking at that wheel last night and it uses all brass nipples, 2x 16 DS, 2X 8 NDS with CX-rays.
That wheel has thousands of miles and has been a trouble free wheel over the years.
So I guess they will go into the for sale box that I have started.

Thanks Skiezo

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