Tired of frozen fingers, best low profile winter gloves?

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by Bhowe

Fellas, with spring coming, I'm looking to try and pick up a nice pair of low profile, but very warm winter gloves.

What have you used and liked? I'm not into lobster claws and the such.

Wind proof is a must!


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I have not tried them, but these caught my attention:

by Weenie

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by Kastrup

Best thing i ever did was to purchase a set of merino wool liners. I use these woth a variety of different outer gloves, most of them cheap ones so that i can have multiple ones and adjust according to different weather.
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by bricky21

for what kind of temperatures?

There is no such thing as a low profile substitute for Lobster mitts. That is why they exist. I don't know anybody who Really likes them.

For temps above mitten weather I have a pair of fleece lined neoprene ice fishing gloves that are wind and water proof. Put a lightweight liner in them and they're almost as warm as lobster mitts, but too restricting.

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by sawyer

Agree with Bricky

When it's really cold I use ski gloves - lightish ones but warm.

For somewhat warmer weather - say down to about 0c I use SPORTFUL WS Pursuit Tech Glove Winter with a pair of wool liner gloves on the outside. Actually very effective and critically low-pro and doesn't restict movement in the way cramming the liner on the inside does.
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by Szczuldo

I'm a big fan of Assos 851. On their own they keep me comfortable below freezing and with a pair of some of those cheap wool or cotton liners I was comfortable down to 7F (coldest day I have been able to ride on so far)
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by Stolichnaya

Gore has a line of gloves designed specifically for road riding (and another line for MTB). The road gloves are excellent. Err on the side of warmth, always.

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by mattr

I have some Chiba gloves that are a few years old. Just have to be careful taking them off as the liner turns inside out, and it has about 4 layers. And utter sod to get back into place.
But waterproof, windproof, warm and pretty low profile.

I use them from about 0 down to -10, then with a merkalon liner down to -15 (ish). Might be worth a look.

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by lannes

I like the Castelli Chiro, if you want extra warmth wear a set of liners


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by mofo

The best gloves...............

They are called rollers, indoors with coffee, making little sweat angles

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by yourdaguy

The warmest gloves I have found are all Ski gloves. Since I ski and ride I have exposure to both industries. Ski gloves are on closeout almost everywhere right now and most have a more or less pre curved shape that works well with bars. They might be a little thick, but are still tolerable as far as that goes. I am not giving brands since all mine are at least 3 years old and models change.
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by oreoboreo

Ski gloves are a great idea. Built for holding on round tubes, sound like something that fits the cold weather needs.
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by FIJIGabe

if you are talking about freezing weather, sorry, i'm no help (lived in South Florida and South Texas). However, if you are talking about chilly (or chili) weather, i have a pair of descente gloves i ride under my regular riding gloves. They provide good warmth, and i can peel them off when the weather warms up enough to ride using regular gloves.
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by drchull

I have a set of Garneau gloves that are great. low profile palms. Five finger gloves with a pull out cover that turns them into lobster gloves. With the cover pulled out am good down to zero. Any colder than that I can't help with because I hit the trainer or track.

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by elSid

Get some mittens. Seriously. Your shifting won't be as dexterous, but if you're just trying to get in the miles, as opposed to racing, mittens will keep you comfortable longer.

I use leather Swany skiing mittens, but have used sealskinz before.

by Weenie

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