BB30 crankset on S-Works OSBB

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by sawyer

I know this has come up before, though the input was limited and I'm interested in any further information from people who run a BB30 crank with an S-Works OSBB

We all know that Specialized in their wisdom have complicated things with the OSBB.

I plan to fit an Exogram BB30 chainset to an S-Works Venge using the Delrin cups. Can anyone with this combination chime in to share their experience?
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by aaric

With the delrin cups in, OSBB uses BB30 spacing, and bearings. You should have no special issues using a BB30 crank.

The only possible issue would be frame clearance with the exogram, but that seems very highly unlikely.

And given that specialized has released the crankset on the frame, I think you are fine:

Image ... d-edition/

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by tonytourist

I'm running the SRAM Red Exogram crankset with no issues on my osbb Specialized SL3

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by UTmtnbiker

I just built up an S-Works SL4 with an Exogram BB30 crankset.

Pretensioner to take out the play and the dust caps/spacers that come with the crankset are all you need.

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by bikericer

Built just finished building my S-Works Venge with Red BB30 cranks with no issues, Pressfit BB30, dust shields, a spacer or two and the compression ring on the left side (or wavy washer) and it works great. Side note--- That bike is now for sale.

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by jdp211

When I had my Tarmac, I ran a hollowgram srm on it with no issues.

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by londoncommuter

Apologies if this is a stupid question but I've got an 2012 SL4 on order as well as a SRAM S951 chainset and would love any information on fitting them. The chainset I think is basically BB30 but has a longer axle (they also work in wider BBright frames).

What will I get in the box with the SL4, what's already installed and what else do I need?

Do people use the expoy that Specialized recommend and if so what for? I'd been reading a lot about the Loctite that Cervelo owners use, presumably that would be just as good (641 with 7649 primer)?

Any guidance much appreciated.

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